April 23, 2024

Technology has changed us so fast that we did not get enough time to sync our emotions with it, and now we have become the most complex generation of all time.
Technology made our lives easier and more convenient, which means it requires less effort, determination, and hard work to achieve what we want.
Society has also set a standard for everything and for everyone to achieve so they can be called part of the generation. Because of this, we strive to meet standards without knowing or wanting the real purpose of it as long as we belong.
Try to observe how technology changed the way we imagined and wanted things. We want to achieve and aim great targets but as soon as we fail an exam or an interview, self harm seems to be the only option left.
The moment someone says “friendship,” we assume long late night drives, twinning, posting pictures on social media or going on weird trips or simply attending parties without even knowing each other’s feelings. We also want fame so fast that we don’t understand what talent is.
We base our opinions on someone else’s and shared by a stranger sitting in a different part of the world not knowing a thing about you. We are a confused and too confident generation. Yes, we do have a lot of knowledge based on Internet but we lack wisdom that only comes from experience because we think what we feel.
Though this technology is the best thing that has happened to mankind, hopefully our next generation will learn from our mistakes and will make life much better. (AEVRYLLE JADE MALIHOD)