March 5, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Department of the Interior and Local Government provincial office here presented to barangay officials and their constituents its “Disiplina Muna” campaign.
The advocacy aims to promote the culture of discipline among Filipinos as a means of fostering people’s participation, which is one of the tenets of good governance.
It also aims to make Filipinos became more aware of their critical role and responsibility in sustainable development and maintenance of peace and order as a shared responsibility.
Provincial DILG Director Mayer Max Adong presented the pillars of the Disip-lina Muna campaign namely road clearing, disaster preparedness and resilience, anti-smoking, ease of doing business, liquor ban, tourist spot cleanup, and functionality of barangay anti-drug abuse council.
To promote discipline, he said citizens should help maintain cleared roads from obstructions, cooperate in preparedness measures during calamities, obey the campaign against smoking, observe transparency and prompt actions on business transaction, regulate drinking liquor, maintain cleanliness of tourist spots, comply with the law, observe rules and regulations, and report crime.
“Real change cannot happen if people do not change. People have to take part in the process and it starts by changing mindsets. Government cannot do it alone, there has to be a consensus from all sectors, from all walks of life,” Adong said.
“There has to be change in the belief system where discipline and the strict enforcement of the rules become the norm. Only if principles are applied that people will experience change that is profound and long lasting,” he added. – Peter A. Balocnit