May 24, 2024

The public is being asked not to discriminate individuals who tested positive of the coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19) and communities where there are confirmed cases of the infection.

Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong has asked residents to show respect and compassion to Covid-19-positive patients who are coming out in the open in their desire to help facilitate contact tracing.

Five individuals in Baguio who have tested positive of the infection have revealed their identities and asked those whom they might have come in contact with to go on home quarantine.

Among those who tested positive and the latest to come out in the open is Dr. Manuel Kelly, who on April 1, posted on social media that he has been infected by the virus that causes the Covid-19.

Kelly said he had a swab test on March 27 and the result was positive.

“If we crossed paths from March 13 to 26, please have yourself quarantined for 14 days. If you have cough, fever, throat pain, and diarrhea, have yourself checked immediately,” he said in his Facebook post.

On March 30, Filipino-American Rafael Serrano from New York City in the United States also revealed that he has contracted the virus.

On Mar. 29, couple Enrique and Jaysay Bactad from Las Piñas City also disclosed that they are Covid-19-positive.

Baguio City Health Services Office employee Joel Junsay also posted in his Facebook account on March 28 that he is infected by the virus.

In Benguet, Department of Health Development Management Officer Mercedes Calpito asked the public not to discriminate barangays that have recorded Covid-19 patients.

“Do not judge people coming from these communities. Avoid telling them that their areas are dirty. Instead, let us work together and support the affected families,” she said during an online briefing on Covid-19 on March 31.

Barangays Poblacion and Puguis in La Trinidad have recorded one positive the Covid-19 case each.

In Abra, DOH Development Management Officer Alex Bayubay asked the public not to discriminate health workers attending to Covid-19 patients. – Jane B. Cadalig