March 27, 2023
Fried dilis, ginisang hipon sa alamang, kinilaw na bangus, potato marbles, and ginisang alamang are among the side dishes for dips.

After all the meat, what about an eat all you can seafoods place? This could be just the treat for those who like mussels, clams, crabs, shrimps, squid, and fish prepared in different ways at the Seafood Paradise. Although, there are other meat-based dishes that are available, too.

Different nooks indicate different choices to select from.

Who said seafoods are your better alternatives when eating healthy? The best seafoods are those that spike cholesterol and uric acid too but minus the fat. Of course, the first choice was the crab(let) in Alavar sauce. Memories of Zamboanga come to fore in trying the dish. I could have wished that larger sized crabs came with this to savor the sauce and the sweet crab meat. Otherwise, the crispy crablets could have been more exciting with the sauce on the side.

Seafood teppanyaki is a mix of squid, different fish balls, crab roll, and other ingredients cooked on a hot metal plate.

The mixed seafood in black pepper with oyster sauce, seafoods curry, and the seafood kare-kare give you a mix of the clam, mussels, crablets, and squid in the different spices. The kare-kare has peanut sauce as the base, of course curry and coconut milk are flavors to the same mix of seafoods and black pepper for the other. My recommendation is to try all the flavors but please use different plates.

Seafood paella and chicken afritada are others in the table fare.

Fried catfish, catfish in coconut milk, fried salmon head, battered cream dory fillets, grilled tuna, and fried milkfish or bangus are also among the choices to give you a taste of different kinds of fish. I recommend a little taste of everything, after all it is eat what you want. Then you can decide which fish makes it to the top of your favorites. For all these, you have condiments that range from Shrimp sauteed in alamang, ginisang alamang, soy sauce, vinegar, chili, or calamansi.

Cream Dory fillet and mixed seafood in pepper are available too.

Teppanyaki is available too. Beef and seafoods teppanyaki are prepared or cooked on a metal top, which gives you a different flavor for the meat or seafood. The flavor of the beef remains in the tender slices slowly simmered in its own juice. The seafood edition used fishballs, squid balls, crab rolls, and fresh squid in this preparation.

Fried bangus and seafood chopsuey are available too.

But those who will not enjoy the bounty of the sea much can always have sweet and spicy lemon chicken, chicken afritada, and beef with ampalaya to get their fill from. There’s a little of everything to sample.
Not to forget that there is a seafood paella, sauteed bok choy in oyster sauce, seafood chopsuey, shrimp pancit, steamed shrimps, and vegetable lumpia among the other fare. When in Baguio, you must relish the freshness of the temperate vegetables and their sweetness.

Steamed shrimps and sauteed bokchoy go well together.

Not to forget the sushi corner that is laid out. There are wasabi and soy sauce to accompany this.
To finish off the meal or to enjoy in between are the ube maja, fresh fruits, and the jelly preparations. Locally, we call this gulaman in sweet coconut milk. This could be the buko pandan version in this corner of the world.

Desserts come in mixed fruits, different jelly, and ube maja.

There you have it, the eat all you can seafoods and beef and chicken. What you will miss is the pork which is absent in this one eating spot and abundant in others. My thing is to enjoy a little of everything, then decide which one to get your fill of. Have fun.

There is a nook for sushi too.