November 30, 2023


The Baguio Midland Courier stands with governments across the globe and every sector of society that remain steadfast in battling the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.
One year into the pandemic, uncertainty remains high and we are still presented with a grim scenario of how the Covid-19 is taking its toll on each one of us, but despite this, our optimism for better days does not waver.
The Courier salutes every sector of society now working doubly hard to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, notwithstanding the continuous rise in the number of infections and deaths. We are aware of the struggles faced by every health care provider, businessman, leader, and every family that is left with no choice but to continue to rise above the challenges and uncertainties of living amidst pandemic.
As we move towards recovery – economically, socially, emotionally, and psychologically – the Courier dedicates its 74th anniversary issue on highlighting the best practices that prevailed in the Cordillera as the region contends with the impacts of the Covid-19 for more than a year now.
Aside from paying tribute to the frontliners in the fight against the unseen enemy, our supplement showcases stories of people who have initiated moves that turned the adversities brought about by the pandemic into opportunities.
In this issue, we highlight the continuing challenges faced by healthcare providers and local government units as cases remain on the rise despite the imposition of and the non-stop reminders for the public to strictly abide by minimum health and safety protocols. At the same time, we highlight practices by the indigenous peoples and indigenous cultural communities in the Cordillera that can become templates for good governance, although some of these have already been adopted by LGUs by incorporating them in their local policies.
The efforts of stakeholders of the tourism industry – the first sector to absorb the blow of the pandemic – to recover by initiating measures to ensure a balance between maintaining health and safety and helping the economy bounce are also shared in this supplement.
Stories of people who did not allow the pandemic to get the better of them are also given prominence in this issue, including the two young individuals who lost their job in a cruise ship and opted to start a pastry business and the farmer who continues to innovate to ensure that he contributes in ensuring food security.
The selflessness of educators who went out of their way to ensure that learning continues despite the cancellation of face-to-face classes are also given prominence, as well as the advice of a mental health advocate on how each of us can help people who are struggling with depression and conditions that were made worse by the pandemic.
The Courier acknowledges everyone’s selflessness, passion, tenacity, and resilience as we tread the road towards recovery. Be assured that your Courier will remain loyal to you, our readers, as we have been in the past 73 years.
Pandemic or not, your Courier will remain free, fair, fearless, and friendly in providing you information that matter.