April 21, 2024

The city council on Monday approved Ordinance 54, s. 2021 or the “Amnesty for electrical service connection in the City of Baguio.”
The measure provides for a six-month period relief to qualified applicants in the issuance of the required certificate of final electrical inspection (CFEI), or certificate of electrical inspection (CEI) for electrical service connection.
Similar ordinances were issued in the past for humanitarian reasons with the latest in March 2019.
This pandemic, the city council sees the need to revive the same when electricity is important for every household given the health protocol quarantine, the work from home arrangement, the distance learning scheme, and such other basic essential home activities for family’s survival which are dependent mainly on electricity.
The ordinance says the lack of access to electricity is one factor that limits every individual to benefit from equal opportunities for economic development and increased living standard.
It also cites opinions and global affirmations that energy/electricity is a basic human right.
The ordinance specifically applies only to all existing residential dwellings with building tax declarations, and agricultural structures such as sheds, barns, hatcheries, stables, greenhouses, granaries, and silos.
On the other hand, the amnesty is not applicable to structures built within forest and watershed reservations in the city; those with pending demolition orders, or whose building/structure were once demolished on the same place; and structures on waterways, road-rights-of-way, and declared high-risk areas.
The requirements are electrical plans signed and sealed by a licensed professional electrical engineer and certified to be compliant with the Philippine Electrical Code; proofs of ownership of the structure or building like deed of sale, waivers, tax declaration of building or authorization from registered/declared building owner; certificate of non-tax delinquency of the building or certificate of exemption from payment of real property tax; and barangay certification attesting that the applicant is bonafide resident of the barangay.
An application by a representative requires an original notarized letter of authorization or special power of attorney; and photocopy of the notarized contract of lease/agreement or photocopy of any document showing proof of relationship of the representative to the principal/property owner (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate).
Applications shall be filed with the City Buildings and Architecture Office for determination/verification of the requirements. Compliant applicants shall pay the recommended fee to the City Treasury Office as basis for issuance of the CFEI or CEI by the CBAO.
The body has also approved Ordinance 53, s. 2021, which mandates the conduct of semi-annual training/seminar for all meat vendors and meat handlers in Baguio.
The ordinance aims to correct numerous violations by continuously educating meat vendors and handlers regarding various laws on the proper, sanitary, and hygienic handling and selling of meat and meat products in the markets, slaughterhouse and other places where meat is handled to ensure food safety.
The activity, to be appropriated with P250,000 for its first year of implementation, shall be included in city’s annual program under the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office.
The ordinances, to take effect in accordance with the provisions of the 1991 Local Government Code, were submitted to City Mayor Benjamin Magalong.