February 22, 2024

Blood types cannot be used as a gauge in telling if a person is vulnerable or more tolerant to the Covid-19 infection and the traditional steam bath or suob can kill the virus that causes the disease.
A local health expert has debunked claims that a certain blood type could guarantee that a person is protected from Covid-19, saying there are no literatures to support the assertion.
Dr. Bernard Demot, adult infectious disease specialist at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center, said there are no studies to support that people with type O blood are less likely to be infected by the Covid-19.
“There’s no evidence to establish that those with type O blood are more resistant against the Covid-19.”
Reports on supposed studies that found people with blood type O have lower risk of being infected by the Covid-19 have been circulating on social media.
Demot also dismissed the claims that suob could kill the SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes the Covid-19.
Steam inhalation has been a remedy for colds and cough, but medical professionals said that while the practice have been cited in scientific journals to provide relief for respiratory symptoms, no studies have proven that it could kill the SARS-Cov-2.
The Department of Health has warned that while the government is easing up on lockdown restrictions, it does not mean that the preventive measures against the Covid-19 should no longer be observed.
The DOH-Cordillera earlier said that cases of Covid-19 are expected to further increase in the coming months as more people are now allowed to go out of their homes. – Jane Cadalig