April 15, 2024

The Gender and Development (GAD) Unit of the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) headed by Parline Ang Yap Tafaleng-Ullalim has formed the MOVE MPSPC chapter, a national organization that includes men as active allies in combating violence and promoting respect in the community.
The MPSPC headed by President Edgar G. Cue conducted a night for couples to help them strengthen their faithfulness and appreciate the role of the wife in the family. The organizers dubbed it as “fine dining”.
Norberto and Catalina Cue who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year were chosen to speak about successful married life.
Auntie Catalina emphasized the importance of putting God first in the family.
“Put God at the center of your marriage and your family. Practice the 10 Commandments. I must admit that everybody commits mistakes. No one is perfect. For me, I will be a hypocrite if I tell you that our married life is perfect. It’s not. We had our ups and downs. For the ups and positive side of our lives, to God be the glory. For the downs and negative side, we must work it out. We must swallow our pride and humble ourselves. If no one will get down, the marriage will result in a breakdown,” auntie Catalina shared.
Uncle Norberto also emphasized on diligence, hard work, and choosing friends.
“We must choose the right people and right friends for surely, they will not bring you down but will surely help you. I started from rugs until I was able to harvest success in my humble business. I was a simple employee at the Bureau of Equipment of the Department of Public Works and Highways until I realized that I can be a successful businessman. Determination is another key to success,” he said.
Being invited to give a message on spirituality of married life, I shared the 7Cs of a relationship – cohabitation, contract, covenant, cana, communication, commitment, Christ.
Living without the benefit of Christian marriage is cohabitation or live-in. It’s a life deprived of God’s blessing hence living in sin.
I took the chance to congratulate the couples who received the blessing of the church. Civil marriage and cultural marriage are not enough to build a family. Otherwise, it is just a biological family. There is a need to get married in the church to officially call it a Christian family.
I took the chance as well to thank the Cue couple who had been a good friend of mama Carol and papa Ikoy.
The Cue couple has been kind to my parents especially when they allowed mama Carol to buy groceries from their store then pay later. How nostalgic to reminisce the trying years of my family with good families around in the 1970s and 80’s.
Bontoc Mayor Jerome Tudlong and wife, Madeline, who are looking forward to their silver wedding anniversary were chosen by the organizers to deliver messages as a Christian couple.
I was moved when mayor Tudlong shared a story about their daughter, whom he quoted, “I am starting to forget your face dad,” because sometimes, there is the tendency to spend more time at work than with family.
The mayor emphasized about the need for constant communication and care to the spouse and children. “I need to find time and bring my wife to a date where we can talk and reminisce our love life.”
His wife also narrated the real life of a wife and a mother. “Love is being able to adjust. Marriage should become sweeter as the years go by,” she said, adding, “Sacrifice is important in marriage. Setting boundaries is equally important.
Doing things like dating and bringing the kids to the parlor and beaches are spices of marriage.
Gratitude goes to madame Parline for the invitation to facilitate the blessing of the couples and to deliver the gospel of the Lord to the couples. Equal gratitude to Nichole Gee Gut-omen for the updates.
Blessed 3rd Sunday of Lent. Reach me at [email protected].