June 17, 2024
Partnership photo of the Baguio Museum Board of Trustees and SM Supermalls: left to right: SVP Joaquin San Agustin, trustees Nicolas Tabora, Peter Ng, and Helen Tibaldo; Vice President Edilberto Tenefrancia, SM Supermalls President Steven Tan, trustee Kristine Sameon, trustee/ED Stella de Guia, SVP Bien Mateo and Museum Asst. Curator Gemma Estolas.

“I believe that everything happens for reason,” says President of Supermalls Steven Tan in his interview with Chinoy TV presents, “Chinoy by blood, Filipino by heart.”
Watch the series on YouTube. It’s a documentary of some distinguished Chinoys in their own fields correcting some misconceptions about the Chinoy culture. It’s also a campaign about Chinoy contribution to Philippine society. It is interesting to watch. Wala pa dito the likes of our very own Peter Ng and the rest of the Chinoy community in Baguio and the Cordillera.

SM Supermalls President Steven Tan being toured by Museum Assistant  Curator Gemma Gardingan Estolas and assisted byTrustee and Vice President Edilberto Tenefrancia at the Cordillera Gallery.

Indeed, for us, the partnership between the Baguio Museum and SM Supermalls is the culmination of a dream, the “Digitization of the Library”.
Digitization of the museum library is the “brainchild” of Museum Board of Trustees Vice President Edilberto Tenefrancia.
Steven Tan, president of SM Supermalls and “Grand Winner for Global Filipino Executive of the year 2022, Asia CEO Awards” signed a memorandum of agreement and turned over a financial assistance to the Baguio Museum to purchase “state of the art laptops” for video editing and the training of selected students for a week by master trainer Abbie Lara.

The beautiful welcome dance of the SPA of BCNHS headed by Principal Brenda Carino.

This is to enable them to contribute to the awareness of culture and art thru virtual video productions.
“The Internet shows us what is happening and the Cordillera has so much to share,” observes Tan. He believes that adaptability to technological changes makes things more efficient and innovative.
“Big organizations have the responsibility to help. I, along with all of us here today, have much appreciation for the art and culture this city holds. This is why we, at SM Supermalls, would like to extend our help in working with you towards the preservation and promotion of this city’s vast cultural heritage through technology,” he added.

Baguio Museum Vice President Edilberto Tenefrancia explains his brainchild the “Digitization of the Library”.  “Turnover means movement. It turns over and over, it will never end.” And expresses his gratitude to SM Supermalls for making this dream a reality.

It’s a providential match. Tan believes in digital transformation and the spread of cultural awareness which is exactly what the Baguio Museum is trying to do: to bring culture and heritage to the doorsteps of the world thru virtual reality tours and marketing. And to this, we say, bravo Mr. President!
Tenefrancia expressed his joy with the project, saying it’s the realization of a dream and even liked the title “Turnover” in the ceremony, as it means movement, to turn over and over. “It will never end,” he concludes.

SM Supermalls President and “Grand Winner for Global Filipino Executive of the year 2022, Asia CEO Awards”  Steven Tan with his “turnover and MOA partnership ” speech.

SM Investments Corporation reported that “Tan acquired his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Paris School of Management. He began his career in hospitality management in various hotel properties in Asia including Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China before returning to the Philippines to pursue his career in marketing and communications industry.”
Tan credits his mentors, the late Henry Sy, and children Hans and Tessie Sy who gave him the opportunity to grow with the company. He started as a mall manager of Podium Mall in Manila in 2004, one of the malls with superb architecture.

From Manila, he went to Taipei to learn more about his Chinoy culture and tradition. He later went to Paristo further hone his talents and career and went back to the Philippines, where he says, “where his heart is.”
This charismatic leader of SM Supermalls, who can even be mistaken for a telenovela actor, became the CEO of SM in 2020, has this advise to upcoming leaders and managers. “First, find a mentor. Second, do not be afraid to do odd jobs and third, enjoy what you are doing.” He remembers what the late Henry Sy inculcated in him thru his teaching, “In good times, work hard and in bad times work harder.”

Welcome reception by the Special Performing Arts Dance Troupe of the BCNHS with the Baguio Museum Board of Trustees: (left to right) Resident woodcarver Ernesto Dul-ang, Trustee and Treasurer Kristine Bautista-Sameon, SM Mall Manager  Rona Correa, Trustee PIA-CAR Director Helen Tibaldo, Vice President Edilberto Tenefrancia, President of SM Supermalls Steven Tan, SVP Operations Bien Mateo, Trustee/Ex-Officio Chairman Nicolas Tabora, DOT-CAR Angela Fugatao and AVP Marc Janssen Pe.

Certainly, we have learned a lot from the short visit of Tan, Senior Vice President for Operations Bien Mateo and Senior VP for Marketing Joaquin San Agustin.
Our special gratitude to the BTS (Best Team of SM): AVP for Operations Marc Janssen Pe, SM City Baguio Mall Manager Rona Correa, Regional Leasing Manager Racquel de Guia, Regional Human Resource head Irene Peralta, SAVP for Marketing Jefferson Suarez, Group Marketing Manager Lainey del Rosario, Asst. Mall Manager Michael Jason Pena and PR Manager Jocelyn Galario.
Kudos to the hardworking staff behind the scenes who did the grandiose preparation: Marketing Officers Joseph Macaspac, Faith Villegas and Mailyn Lagundino.
Here is to more happy working days together. (photos by SM City Baguio)

Send off by the BTS (Best Team of SM) left to right: AVP Operations Marc Janssen Pe, SVP Marketing Joaquin San Agustin, Mall Manager Rona Correa, President of SM Supermalls Steven Tan, SVP Operations Bien Mateo, Regional Leasing Manager Racquel de Guia,SAVP Marketing Jefferson Suarez, Group  Marketing Manager Lainey del Rosario, and Asst. Mall Manager Michael Jason Pena.The vegetable bouquet was made by Anthoniuz.