July 17, 2024

Filipino mixed martial arts legend Eduard Folayang has expressed his plan to settle his unfinished business with fellow future hall of famer Eddie Alvarez.

In their first encounter in August 2019, Folayang has severely punished Alvarez with Team Lakay’s trademark low kicks and his fans thought he would likely defeat the former Ultimate Fighting Championship champion.

Folayang had the crowd at the Mall of Asia rocking in the first minute of the fight when he landed a brutal leg kick that sent the former Bellator and UFC lightweight champion to the mat.

Taking advantage of his downed opponent, Folayang proceeded to land a hellacious ground-and-pound on Alvarez.

Alvarez managed to survive and eventually took top position. He then took Folayang’s back and slapped in a tight rear-naked choke to take the submission win.

Folayang later admitted he has committed a simple mistake that led to Alvarez winning in front of a stunned Filipino crowd.

Folayang said a rematch between him and Alvarez is indeed an intriguing prospect and he hopes a second meeting between them could eventually happen sooner than later.

“Of course, that’s a great opportunity for me, it’s a great fight if that happens. It would be awesome if Alvarez versus Folayang II does happen especially on my part. I really feel that I could’ve done something more in our previous fight,” Folayang said.

“It wasn’t the outcome that I wanted. We all know that we all make mistakes in life. Even a small error could lead to disaster. That’s why I’m willing if a rematch will be scheduled,” he added.

If ONE arranges his rematch with the American legend, the 38-year-old Folayang needs to undergo an intense training camp, harder than his previous ones.

“I feel that I have to drastically improve my striking and undergo an intense training camp if that fight with Eddie eventually happens,” said Folayang. – Harley F. Palangchao