June 17, 2024

The City Veterinary and Agriculture Office lauded the efforts of residents to put up their survival gardens.

City Veterinarian Dr. Brigit Piok said a lot of residents were convinced to put up their survival gardens even in limited areas to produce food not only for themselves but also for their community.

She said the increase in the survival gardens is an indication that many people are now convinced on the importance of consuming organically grown crops.

During the implementation of the Luzon lockdown last year, the local government encouraged residents to establish their own home gardens to have adequate sources of food.

Piok said the response of residents pave way for the implementation of certain strategies that radiate the advocacy to convince more people to practice urban gardening.

She encouraged those who stay at home because of the lockdowns to put up their survival gardens.

The local government and the agriculture department had been distributing seeds to the residents.

Piok expressed her gratitude to the residents who continue supporting the program of the city government. – PIO release