December 5, 2023

Earlier this month, Baguio’s elderly (who I lovingly describe as members of the 20 percent discount club) took over the reins of the city government as part of the Senior Citizens Officials-For-A-Day program in line with October being Elderly Month.
On Oct. 23, City Hall was a “sea of green” as it was the turn of our boy and girl scouts to take over the top positions of the local government this time in keeping with the annual Scout Officials For-A-Day program since October is also Scouting Month.
This near-sighted Ibaloy writer is wondering that since October also happens to be “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and “Indigenous Peoples Month”, then isn’t it only logical that cancer survivors and IPs should also be given the chance to “take over” the city government for one day? It’s only fair, ‘di ba? Just saying.
Anyway, congratulations once again to our senior citizens and scouters who had the wonderful opportunity of being officials even if just for one day leading our beloved City of Baguio. I’m sure that they learned a whole bunch from the experience especially from the officials themselves who they “unseated” for one day. It doesn’t hurt that they also received the one day salary of the “bossings” they replaced. Earning while learning. Sana all.
I could be wrong but it could also be the case that some of our beloved honorable officials may have also learned from the elderly and scouter who replaced them for a day on different occasions. Maybe some of these officials were reminded that they are in government as public servants to serve and not to be served by the public. That public office is a public trust.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.