July 21, 2024

In one, if not the largest law firms in Metro Manila, all rookie lawyers are mandated to learn how to play golf before they are admitted into the practice. Bigwigs of business establishments now prefer to talk about legal issues in the golf course, hence this trend.
This is the same here in Baguio. People nowadays seem to go the fairways and discuss legal and “illegal” matters there.
Golf is a name in which a small, hard dimpled, and sometimes colored ball is struck with clubs of varying sizes towards and into a series of holes. The normal number of holes in a golf course is 18 generally comprising four par fives, another four par threes, and the rest are par fours. The par five holes have varying distances from tee to green – a minimum of 500 yards to a maximum of 600 yards. Par four holes vary from 350 to 450, while par three holes have average distances of 220 yards.
Playing a round means adapting to the rules and the vocabulary of the green. In par three holes, when you hit the ball into the cup with your first stroke, it’s a hole-in-one. If it’s in two, it’s a birdie; a three is a par; a four stoke is bogey; and so on.
In par four holes, you get an eagle when you sink the ball in two strokes, a birdie in three, a par in four, and a bogey in five. In the par fives, if you make in two, it’s double eagle or an albatross, which is the most difficult shot in the game. You get an eagle if you make it in three, a birdie in four, and a par in five.
The basic idea in playing golf is to hit the ball the least number of strokes for a normal round of 18 holes. In other words, if you shoot, say a total of 72 strokes, you beat a playing partner who makes a 73 or worse. It will take ages before one comes into terms with the game but see you at the fairways soon!
Ang alamat: As part of an experiment to identify and weedout incompetent, unqualified, and corrupt officials who are always playing golf, an expert in human behavior went to observe the people in the driving range.
After one glance at the people present, the expert excitedly pointed to a well-dressed and properly attired man and whispered to the caddy master, “I took one look at those shifty and scheming eyes and I immediately knew that he was just as guilty as sin.” The master FVR snapped,“Sit down, that man is your congressman and he is on our side!”
Then the mayor teed off and his ball was going towards the left, the crowd shouted,“Kick right, kick right, kick right.”When the governor teed off and his ball was going towards the right, the crowd shouted,“Kick left, kick left, kick left.”
Finally, when the newly arrived congressman teed off, it was a perfect ball going to the center, but the crowd shouted,“Kickback, kickback, kickback!” Fore!
As of this writing, the following have generously confirmed their sponsorships for Ema Cup on Oct. 7:
Diamond partners: Kiwik Grow Fertilizer/KG Agriventures; One Lending, Inc. and Ralph Yambao; HIRAI Construction Corporation; Sakai City Japan; Global Factory DOHA Qatar/Mr. Hassan Ahmed Al-Mal.
Gold partners: Lafayette Hotel and Resorts; Sneak and Scissors-Tina Emperio and Engr. Radcliffe Imperio; Rep. Ching Veloso-The Guinciaman Farm-Leyte; and Kultura Splashwave and Juliet As-il, Pugo La Union.
Major partners: Goldenfield Trading/Crystal Oil-Rey Uy; Buildright Construction Corp., Quezon City; AIP Construction-Arnel Peil; and Pangasinan Police Provincial Office Director Col. Jeff Fanged.
Hole sponsors: Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences; The Dream Art Café-Kristine Joy Tabara; Dr. Ashok Vasandan-RCDS honorary member; Healthwise Home Health Care, Inc.; Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant, Paragon Hotel, Golden Pine Hotel-Dr. Sherry Ong-Cunanan; Pugo Adventure-Gen. Eugene Martin; Col. Leon P. Talleo-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group; Just Fashion, Valenzuela City; BIP Steadfast Ground, Inc. and Engr. Bonifacio dela Peña; Grand 88 Gaming Corporation-STL Pangasinan; Parkway Residences and Hospital, Inc., Fernando S. Tiong-TCP Enterprises, Inc.; Megatowers; TG Homes; and Pines Estate Gaming Corporation; First La Union Leisure Entertainment and Gaming Corporation; Musar Music Corporation-Bernie Arevalo-Avila; and Batang ‘90s/Cluster Cone-Charmaine Avila-Francisco.
Donors: China Bank, Baguio Apaches Chief Jonathan Vergara, Honda Cars Pangasinan and Ben Tan, Metrobank-Nonette Silva/Susan Pascual, and Mayor Benjamin Magalong.