June 14, 2024

With an average heat index of 40 degrees Celcius, the temperature here in La Union is sizzling hot and so with the politics where families are being pitted against each other. Buti pa sa Baguio, where the weather and the “haka-haka” remains cool.
In Davao, the temperature is likewise boiling hot. Former House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez faces a charge for making “seditious statement” when he urged the Armed Forces of the Philippines to withdraw their support for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., saying that “it would attain peace and stability.”
The former Speaker feared that the position of Marcos in the West Philippine Sea issue will drag the Philippines in a war against China.
The Netflix series “Godfather of Harlem” says “those with loud voices may not always be the smartest!” From the past, we saw that for the AFP to withdraw support to the leadership, the element of a “charismatic” leader must be present in the likes of former Sen. Greg Honasan, Emilio Aguinaldo or even former Sen. Sonny Trillianes.
But this Alvarez? No way Jose, as he neither has the charismatic personality, relationship or power over the AFP or Philippine National Police, especially after his disgraceful exit from the House courtesy of the Tres Marias – Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and Sen. Imee Marcos.
On Jan. 6, 2021, at the land of the free, apple, and honey, a mob of supporters of former United States President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on the day Congress was set to certify the electoral vote count to confirm Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. Parang adviser niya Pinoy, hehe.
The attorney-general said this was clearly an act of sedition, or the “incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.” Its adjective form is seditious, as in seditious conspiracy. Its noun forms are seditionist and seditionary. The word is based on roots that literally mean “a going apart.”
The Revised Penal Code says sedition can refer to activities that show resistance or opposition to a government. This use is sometimes done for rhetorical effect or when condemning authoritarian governments who are accusing, punishing, or jailing its critics or opponents as guilty of sedition.
The imaginary rebellion was immediately “nipped in the bud,” as Alvarez himself like his master who says one thing today and another tomorrow, said, “Pasensya na, nadala rin ng bugso ng damdamin. Mahal ko ang Pilipinas, lalo na ang Mindanao.” Just like in the movie “Suppose I gave a war and nobody came!”
Anyway, Pagasa says next month, expect a hotter climate, so expect hotter issues.