March 5, 2024

City health authorities announced the availability of anti-flu vaccines in the different district health centers that could be availed for free by residents, especially senior citizens and members of the vulnerable and marginalized sectors.
Assistant City Health Officer Celiaflor Brillantes said that influenza cases often rise every July to September because of the rainy season then wane from October to December.
She added that flu cases spike again every January to March because of the cold weather, which is why she asked residents, especially the senior citizens and members of the vulnerable and marginalized sectors, to start availing of the free anti-flu vaccines being provided by the health department to prevent them from contracting the illness for at least a year.
Brillantes advised residents to avail of the anti-flu vaccines annually because studies have shown that there is a different strain of the flu that infects people every year.
She said that the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center and a district health center had been identified by the Manila-based Research Institute of Tropical Medicine as centers where specimens of flu patients seeking medical attention will be taken as part of the ongoing surveillance for the kind of flu strain that could be prevented through the development of a future vaccine.
Brillantes said that the CHSO remains aggressive in the implementation of its numerous health-related programs, projects, and activities aside from focusing on how to combat the spread of the Covid-19.
She assured that the different district health centers are ready to attend to residents seeking medical attention from the government facilities because there are still numerous inquiries from the public on the other health services being provided aside from Covid-19 concerns.
She said that the city’s health personnel and members of the barangay health emergency response teams are working round the clock, especially during the community quarantine period, to cater to the various medical needs of the residents from the different barangays.
Aside from flu, she noted that other illnesses that are expected to increase during the rainy season are dengue and typhoid fever. – PIO release