April 20, 2024

City Administrator Bonifacio Dela Peña warned contractors of civil and public works in the city that their projects will be stopped once any of their workers test positive for Covid-19.
The warning came in the heels of a report that a certain worker caught the disease in a drinking session with his fellows, using a shot glass that was passed from one person to another.
Dela Peña said it will not only be the site where confirmed cases which will be closed as closure orders will also be issued over other work stations managed by the same contractor.
As condition for allowing works to resume when the city transitioned to modified general community quarantine, the city government mandated contractors to have their workers undergo medical checkup with the City Health Services Office.
Workers diagnosed with tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other heart problems were not allowed to work, since their conditions are considered as comorbidities to the Covid-19.
Of the more than 2,000 workers, 13 percent were found with tuberculosis, pneumonia, and heart conditions.
Dela Peña said the city will continue to require contractors to have their workers undergo the mandatory checkup and submit certifications issued by the CHSO for them to resume work.
To ensure the city’s intentions are not circumvented, he added surprise inspections will be conducted by the city.
To date, dela Peña said there are more than 100 private and public works projects already inspected by city officials to check on their compliance with health and safety standards. – PIO release