April 17, 2024

Vizco’s on Session Road in Baguio is already a byword among cake lovers and foodies. The influence of the Italians on dishes with herbs and at one time, the Asian sweet, sour and spicy cuisine at O Cha are the kinds of food one discovers here. Adapting to the local taste and preferences, Vizco’s has fused its menu.
I am a shellfish person and I found the baked clams a delight. Not so large, the clams topped with melted cheese were tender enough and not too chewy. It just whets up the appetite to eat more. Clams are a safer option to oysters in these parts of Luzon.
Pastas galore are highly recommended here. Pasta Carbonara is white sauce, mushroom and bits of ham and bacon on pasta topped with parmesan cheese. This comes with two slices of buttered French bread to fill one for a meal or snack. Pesto Pasta is full of basil and garlic which will make a vegan make regular stops at Vizco’s. I had to try the garlic and sundried tomato pasta out of curiosity. I wondered if the sweet sundried tomatoes would dominate the flavors in the pasta. I was not disappointed. There is another version of this tomato with pasta dish and it is the pasta pomodoro. The difference is pasta pomodoro uses fresh tomatoes and sprigs of basil in its ingredients. Of course, the pasta paella caught my attention too. Who said paella was only for rice? They serve the ingredients of paella on pasta too. There is a pasta dish for any kind of eater here.
The hint of an Indian dish is the vegetable samosa. Akin to the potato stuffed deep fried pastry, the Vizco’s version has vegetables instead of just potatoes. It is the dip which makes the samosa good to the bite like its Asian counterpart. Like the Pinoy empanada, the crispy or flaky pastry shell makes this easy to eat as a snack and the four pieces are filling if it is all that one orders.
I liked the pizza too that had green tomatoes on soft chewy pizza crust with three cheeses. The four slices of the single size is perfect to fill one eater for a snack or meal.
Curious about the banana rotti, we got four neatly folded crisp crepe pockets with slices of sweetened bananas inside. It was a cross between the Pinoy maruya (banana in flour batter) and turon (banana fritter). It is in the presentation where the food that look delicious are confirmed yummy with the first bite.
Vizco’s is a true – blue Baguio place with the influence of Baguio bred chefs on its flavors. The strawberry shortcake and the mango cake are the favorites and popular cakes here. Vizco’s has made the good things from different places in the world savory for the local palates.