February 1, 2023

No, this is not about the Baguio’s garbage problem. Instead, this is regarding the GIGO principle (garbage in, garbage out) where when wrong data is fed into a computer, then the wrong result will come out. Even a tech dinosaur like me knows this. In other words, if we are expecting to receive reliable results, then reliable or correct data must be used or computed. Only logical.
This Ibaloy writer would also apply the GIGO principle to the food we regularly put into our bodies. Ergo, if we put unhealthy food into our bodies on a regular basis, then it is only logical that our health will be adversely affected either immediately or in the long haul. No wonder that cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases are on the rise according to reports citing medical authorities. “You are what you eat,” a health guru once declared. Garbage in, garbage out.
Shamefully, I am an example of an idiot who continues to partake of unhealthy food. Bakit ba kasi iyong mga bawal na pagkain ay iyon pa ang masasarap? Through the years, the “garbage” that I put into my body has contributed greatly in my suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and other comorbidities. I have no one to blame but myself. My once gorgeous body has now turned into one that is, shall we say, not “aesthetically pleasing” to look at. Ouch.
Of course, it is of utmost importance that the food we eat must be fresh, clean, and free from any harmful chemicals. It is great to learn then that the city has mandated the conduct of a semi-annual training or seminar for all local meat vendors and handlers to ensure food safety through Ordinance 53, s. 2021, authored by Councilor Philian Allan and ratified by Mayor Benjie Magalong.
This is in addition to those already being conducted by the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office and the National Meat Inspection Service. Cheers!

From the Department of Social Welfare and Development-CAR: Muli pong pinag-iingat ang mga senior citizens sa kumakalat na text message kaugnay sa pagkuha ng social welfare funds. Pinapayuhan ang lahat ng mga nakakatanggap ng mensahe na huwag magbibigay ng mga personal na impormasyon sa mga numero/email address na nabanggit sa mensahe. Maraming salamat po. (Baguio-PIO Fb page)

Here’s “Rise” by Sagar Yadav: “I will rise/ After every fall./ I will rise/ And stand tall./
I will rise/ Over the wall./ I will rise/ Above them all./ Like the sun,/ Which never dies./ Though sets every night,/ Every day it does rise./ Like the ocean/ Whose tides/ Many times they are down,/ But invariably they rise./ Like the trees,/ From seeds they arise,/ And heights great/ They rise and rise./ After falling once,/ Twice and thrice,/ Again and again/ I will rise and rise./ I will rise/ After every fall./ After every fall/ I will rise.”

Let’s end with a prayer: “Dear Lord, today I offer You myself. Come breathe Your life into my working day. Cause me to awake, to embrace the moment, and to go in Your name. Today, thank You that I can run without fear, serve with kindness, and walk with You in this great adventure.” (from the internet)
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.

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