May 23, 2024

Stella Maria L. de Guia

Roads led to Baguio for family, extended family and 1960 classmates to celebrate Genie’s intimate 80th birthday party at Canto Bogchi Joint.

Members of the family from her  sons, to her cousins, to her nephews and nieces  all played  significant roles from the planning, to the program, to the photo and video documentation, to the food menu, to the backdrop décor, to the emceeing, to the video presentation and  entertainment, both singing and hula dancing,  to the thank you giveaways.

This was a tribute to the “queen of the hill” – the humble  and quiet sister of Kidlat Tahimik. our National Artist for Film. This was Virginia “Genie” Abiad’s special day.

As Genie recited the feel good moment adage of  Joe Truncale in her response of being born in the 40s to growing up, studying, working, dating, marrying, venturing into the world, stabilizing through nine decades from the 40s to the 2020s, and realizing that this perfect age went through two different centuries and two different millennia.

That this age had seen it all. And that they were now known as “exennials” who have seen it all and adapted to the change brought about by technology, fashion (which is definitely coming back),  hairstyles, illnesses (Covid) , development and  fluctuations of the dollar rate.

Kidlat Tahimik is her only brother, two siblings already passed away, Boy Scout Victor “Vijoe” in 1963 and sister Patricia, the youngest one just last year.

Older bother Kidlat  lovingly remarked, “Genie and I are two sides of the coin. She is the quiet, civic-minded member of the family who belongs to  many organizations while I am the flamboyant one who talks before big audiences.”

They are both travelers though. One travels for fun and religious purposes while the other is invited to hold  big exhibits all over the world. They are the children of Virginia Oteyza and Victor de Guia.

Genie has three sons, all successful and very intelligent:  Kublai, Homer and Abdul and seven grandschildren. Their names  have Greek mythology, Mongolian and Arabic origins. Her daughter in laws are equally successful.

Four of her grandchildren have already graduated and are still pursuing other careers and while one is set to go to college. the youngest of the apos are in junior and elementary grades. What more can Genie ask for? 

Happy birthday, Genie! Here is a toast to your 81st! (Photos by Nash de Guia)