July 25, 2024

It is at the start of each and every year that Nostradamus, the 16th century French astrologer, gains international prominence and attention. This is because of alleged prophecies he made during his lifetime.
He is labeled as a sage with the capacity of foreseeing events centuries before it happens. He accordingly and accurately prophesied World War I and World War II, the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, U.S.A. on Sept. 11, 2001, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Cuban missile crisis, and such other important events in the history of mankind.
This year is no exception. No sooner had the year been ushered that the name Nostradamus is once more at the forefront of what to expect. Hence, for 2024, he purportedly prophesied (among others) in his book “Les Propheties” a great naval war possibly referring to an invasion by China of Taiwan, the death of Pope Francis, the toppling of the British monarchy, and the melting of the ice caps at the North Pole leading to a catastrophic global warming that may cause the extinction of mankind. What a fearful and dreadful future we are looking forward to. Or is it?
There is really nothing new in the alleged prophecies made by Nostradamus for 2024. These are mere rehash of what he supposedly predicted in the past which, thankfully, never really came to pass. These are only good for entertainment and are predicted upon the beliefs of religious zealots who are advocating the “end of times” theology.
The Nostradamus’ prophecies are cryptic messages that are so general in character that they can refer to any possible occurrences that may transpire at any time in the course of human history.
Lest we be misled into believing the authenticity of what to expect this year, there is nothing in the message of Nostradamus that says that the Pope shall die or that China will invade Taiwan or there will be a global warming that will threaten the existence of the planet. Nothing of that sort. What is there are vague statements that are interpreted by some charlatans claiming to be experts to suit their beliefs.
What Nostradamus is being attributed to is not prophesy. It is more like a “fill in the blanks” after something big happens. Typically, after an earth-shaking event occurs, the so-called “Nostradamus experts” hold a conference and go back by referring to a cryptic verse (called quatrains). They sort it out to make it fit into the event that took place. Then, they broadcast that the event was prophesied by their beloved Nostradamus who has supernaturally seen it before it actually happened. Ridiculous.
We are misled into believing that Nostradamus has a forecast for every important event in history. On the contrary, he had none of that. Only the Divine can foresee the future and Nostradamus is far from that. What he is being attributed to is, therefore, not only humanly possible but mathematically, as well.
Nostradamus wrote only 942 poetic verses which he did within a span of more or less 10 years. His work was published in 1555. From thence, how many important events happened? For sure it must be more than 942. How then in the world can 942 quatrains refer to all events of history?
There are historians and scholars who provoked the idea that Nostradamus did not possess the ability to foresee the future. Rather, his so-called prophecies were past events that were projected into the future. In fact, some of Nostradamus’ contemporaries derisively criticized and maligned his astrological skills.
At any rate, that Nostradamus gained prominence was due to the use of his book for propaganda purposes by the Germans during World War II. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, referred to Nostradamus’ quatrains as a validation of the supremacy of the Arian race and its right to rule the world. Before World War II, Nostradamus did not have the notoriety he presently holds.
As 2024 beckons, let not these so-called prophecies deter us from the better life we expect to cultivate this New Year. Let not Nostradamus or any of his ilk dictate our future. Only God can do that. For while we know not what the future holds, we surely know who holds the future.