April 14, 2024

We reflect on and discuss all of the important events that occurred in the previous year; the good times, the difficult times, the frustrating times, and the fun moments. We talk about what we learnt from our experiences, what God taught us, and how He remained constant throughout it all.
The end of one year and the start of another; we begin to look forward with immense excitement after we have laughed and then cried for a bit, wondering what God has in store for us in the approaching new year. What new experiences will we have, and what new lessons will we learn? It’s all new and thrilling.
It also provides us a new a perspective for the coming year and allows us to leave the past where it belongs, not forgetting but learning from it and moving ahead into the future with open hearts and minds ready to embrace whatever God has for us. We might see the New Year and every year as new starts, new opportunities, new plans, and renewed peace of mind.
Start the New Year with a fresh perspective on new experiences. With fresh experiences and learning comes new knowledge and awareness. And as we go through new encounters and adventures, whether they are good or bad, let us continue to move forward and believe that we can overcome any obstacle in our journey through life.
Some seem to be facing challenges this year, while others appear to be blessed. As we anticipate what the Lord has in store for us in the coming year, let us all be grateful for seeing us through and give Him praise for being faithful and worthy of praise. I wish that the Lord has a wonderful New Year for you and your family.