June 23, 2024

Baguio City officials have urged all golf course operators in the city to put up their own rain water harvesting facilities as part of their corporate social responsibility.

In Resolution 389, s. 2023, the city council said one way to ensure the practice of water conservation is by using rainwater more effectively.

The council said by capturing and storing rainwater for later use, golf courses can help conserve water, and ensure that their water sourcing strategies are sustainable and secure for long-term use.

The body said golf courses require a significant volume of water to maintain their greens and fairways.

However, with climate change and water shortage becoming increasingly pressing issues, it is important for golf courses to find ways to use water more efficiently.

On the other hand, Resolution 388 s. 2023 also requested the Baguio Water District to coordinate with the Department of Public works and Highways and the City Engineering Office regarding the recharging of aquifers in the city by rainwater harvesting.

This, as the city council said water demand, both for potable use and agriculture, is negatively impacting aquifers in the entire world, as humans are using water faster than it takes for water cycle to replenish underground sources.

The council explained every aquifer has a discharge zone and its recharge zones must be protected and sustained with appropriate engineering and technology interventions.

Aquifers are bodies of rock and/or sediment that hold groundwater which can provide usable amounts of water. An aquifer is filled with moving water and the amount of water in storage in the aquifer can vary from season to season and year to year but water will eventually discharge or leave an aquifer and must be replaced by new water to replenish or recharge the same. – PIO release