September 30, 2023

1. The camp of this politician has to be blamed why many of those who got financial aid courtesy of the Speaker are not in the verified list of families affected by Typhoon Egay.

2. Some of those who were in verified list of families affected by Typhoon Egay failed to receive P10,000 cash assistance because it was distributed to friends of a politician.

3. This public office has the tendency of congratulating itself for supposedly good deeds when its mandate is to ensure its workers to do their jobs and not abuse their authority.

4. People who are not part of an official delegation must stop blaming the government for lack of support when they were not even asked to represent the country in the first place.

5. A political leader has been showing signs of delusions of grandeur for believing he is always right in his campaign but continues to ignore the truthful accusations on him.

6. One of the biggest jokes in town last week was when this official announced there was a decrease in the prices of basic commodities, including rice that baffled everyone.

7. This friend of an official who is becoming the subject of gossips for alleged irregularities is projecting they lobbied for the appointment of a former executive  to a regional post.

8. Two close friends are being rumored to burn bridges if both of them will aspire for the much-contested ABC presidency upon prodding of their respective master politicians.

9. The credibility and integrity of an award-giving body is put to question for honoring a State worker who is perceived to be inept, inefficient, ineffective, rascal, and corrupt.

10. It’s not the peak season in Baguio but hotels remain fully booked courtesy of residents, who won’t hesitate to book rooms just to charge gadgets and for stable WiFi connection.

11. Those who lambast Beneco for the mass power outage must be ashamed of themselves for being the first in line to go to its headquarters to charge gadgets with free coffee.

12. A public figure who speaks of humility in events did not throw a bottle of water after several officials aired a mammoth of concerns, such as incomplete or unfinished projects.