April 17, 2024

The city council did not conduct its regular session Monday to give its members and the sangguniang panlungsod staff ample time for the observance of the Holy Week.
The council during its previous session on March 22 has urged through Resolution 155, s. 2021 to expand participation to its busking project along Session Road to visually impaired musicians and residents, subject to health protocols.
The request was addressed to the City Planning and Development Office and the Tourism and Special Events Division of the City Administrator’s Office which were tasked to oversee and implement the project under the Sunday Market Showcase and Tourism and Economic Activities.
The activity, which will be extended, was authorized under Executive Orders 33 and 39, s. 2021 by Mayor Benjamin Magalong for March 14 and 21 to boost the economic and livelihood activities in the city which was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The resolution stated that aside from being an added attraction, allowing busking is also one way of helping musicians to earn while the restriction on venues where they usually perform is in effect or said venues are still closed.
It added there are many visually impaired persons who are musically gifted and who may also use their talents as a means to earn a living.
In separate resolutions, the body requested the regional offices of the Civil Service Commission and the Department of Labor and Employment to consider the merit of granting excused leave of absence to government employees who will experience/manifest adverse effects after receiving Covid-19 vaccination and that the same should not be deducted from their leave credits.
The resolutions cited information from the Department of Health that it is normal for a vaccinated person/individual to experience side effects which may include a fever, fatigue, headaches, body aches, chills, and nausea. Others might also experience pain, swelling, redness, an itchy rash, and mild forms of irritation around the injected side.
In Resolution 154, s. 2021, all public and private entities in the city are encouraged to include a five-minute wellness exercise in their regular flag raising activity, program, or assembly.
The call relates to Article 2, Section 15 of the Constitution on the duty of the State to promote the right to health of the people and instill health consciousness among them.
The resolution cited the people of Japan, among the healthiest in the world, who consistently do regular morning exercise called “rajio taisou” or “radio exercise,” a tradition fostering better health and fitness of its citizens, which can be adopted in the city for a healthier people to conform with the saying “a strong nation is characterized by its strong and healthy citizenry.”
It added the inclusion of wellness exercise serves as an avenue for the city government to protect and promote the right to health of its people and instill health consciousness among them and creating a healthy, productive and happy worksite atmosphere of its working populace.