July 15, 2024

As a graduating student, I have always pondered about what I will be doing after I finish college. In what company should I apply? How long should I stay in the corporate world? Will I ever be promoted if I remain loyal and excel in the company that I choose?
These questions were running through my mind as soon as I enrolled in my practicum subject in July 2022. I am well aware that my passion for the arts is unrelated to the course that I took for four years, which is Business Administration with a Major in Operations Management. I chose this course because I thought of being practical and choosing the conventional way of designing my career in the future. When I say conventional, I refer to the usual cycle that every Filipino graduate is typically experiencing: to graduate and to find a decent job that is most likely related to the course that you took in college.
I was afraid of being a disgrace to society if I chose to pursue my passion in performing because the lines “Walang pera sa arts”, “mag-office work ka na lang”, and “your passion will not take you places” were creeping into my mind.
Somehow, I agreed with all these lines, believing that not everyone who follows their passion is successful now. With the fear of failing, I diverted my attention to dreaming of becoming a virtual assistant, forgetting my real dream in life – for now. I became a virtual assistant when I was a fourth year student, and I am really grateful that I get to experience working at such a young age. I was in awe of how my client found my profile and immediately hired me after my interview. I have convinced myself that this is the type of work that I will most probably do after I graduate, not only because of the salary that is paid in dollars and is higher than the minimum wage where I live but also because of its convenience and flexibility. However, I had to resign after almost two months from my remote work because I was overwhelmed trying to juggle my responsibilities as a student leader and my tasks as a graduating student.
Right now, as my graduation is fast approaching, I have been more anxious because I feel like I must decide now. I want to go back to being a virtual assistant, explore the digital corporate world, and eventually earn more money. On the other hand, I also want to pursue my passion in performing arts, accept dancing gigs, choreograph for dance performances, and achieve my childhood dream without thinking of the money that I can earn. With all honesty, I still do not know what to choose and prioritize if someone had to ask me right now. However, even though I had to sustain my needs as I become independent as soon as I receive my diploma and think of becoming an employee for the meantime, I know deep in my heart that my passion will still knock, waiting for me to run after it. After all, freelancing is now the name of the game, isn’t it?