June 14, 2024

Balancing school and work can be challenging under any circumstances, but it can become even more difficult when facing additional challenges.
As I enter my final year of college, I find it difficult to balance being a student, an active student leader, and a freelance makeup artist in the city. At first, I found it challenging to balance the demands of my work and leadership while simultaneously managing my academic commitments. Seeking the correct balance and time management skills can also be tough, and sometimes it might feel like feelings of doubt or stress.
As I progress through several responsibilities, I eventually learn to prioritize things and manage my time more effectively. It assists me in developing professional skills and techniques for balancing multiple obligations. It gradually becomes more robust and adaptive, learning to navigate adversities with confidence and grace. I learn to solve problems and conquer hurdles, whether at work, in school, or in leadership roles.
Throughout this journey, it is necessary to seek guidance from friends, family, mentors and especially to God. It is vital that we surround ourselves with individuals who believe in us and inspire us to achieve our goals. During difficult circumstances, count on your circle of support and don’t be uncertain to seek assistance when needed.
With my experiences and insights learned along the way, I believe that my roles as a working student and student leader have developed me as a person and influenced my aims and desires. This contemplation serves as an opportunity for me to grow and develop further.
Despite the difficulties, my experiences as a working student and student leader will provide substantial opportunities for personal and professional development. I have learned leadership abilities such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, which will be useful for my future pursuits.
Being a student, student leader, and working student might be difficult, but it is also extremely rewarding and transforming. Appreciate opportunities for development, gain knowledge from experiences, and let us strive for excellence in whatever we do.