June 14, 2024

Environment lovers have committed to planting 4,385 saplings/tree seedlings in city parks and available venues up to the end of September, as per records from the City Environment and Parks Management Office.  

Cepmo head Rhenan Diwas, however, is calling for more planters as the target is 10,000 seedlings to be planted in various venues for June to September.  

Groups and civic organizations include the National Bureau of Investigation offering 50 personnel to plant 400 tree saplings/seedlings at the Diplomat Hotel area.

Thirty senior citizens of East Modernsite Aurora Hill plan to plant and nurture 100 ornamental jacaranda at Bayan Park, Aurora Hill. The Pines City National High School planted 250 seedlings at the arboretum, with 50 personnel present; while 25 personnel from the Baguio City National High School planted 100 pine seedlings at Forbes Park.

Fifty members of the University of Baguio Science High School commit to plant 150 saplings in Irisan, while 200 personnel from the university planted 300 seedlings at the Busol Watershed.

Sixty Pilando building staff members planted 150 trees in Lucban Elementary School, while the same number of personnel from the Parole and Probation Office planted 200 assorted seedlings at Burnham Park.

Fifty members of the Philippine College of Physicians planted 150 seedlings at the Pine Trees of the World Park, while 50 Baguio-Benguet Medical Society members planted 100 trees at the same venue.

The Sto. Tomas ES area will be planted with 500 seedlings by 200 staff, teachers, parents and pupils; 50 representatives from the National Institute of Information Technology planted 150 at Wright Park; 10 members of the Chemical Engineers Institute added 50 seedlings at the arboretum.

Ten members of the Alliance of Legally Married Police Wives cleared an area at the Botanical Garden and planted 50 seedlings; 15 members of the Saint Louis University Extension Institute of Small Scale Industries Foundation planted 10 seedlings each; 35 Philippine National Police members planted 36 alnus and 65 pine trees, both at the arboretum.

Thirty members of the Philippine Army planted 50 pine, 50 alnus and 50 rainbow cypress seedlings at the Dominican Heritage Park, while 45 personnel of the University of the Cordilleras added 150 to the foliage at Wright Park.

Fifty Landbank personnel will plant two seedlings each at the arboretum, while 125-strong Garb and Clarita’s closet personnel planted 250 seedlings at the Dominican heritage site and 200 seedlings at Forbes Park.

Fort del Pilar residents planted 300 various tree species in their surroundings; Gabriela Silang residents planted 60 trees at the Botanical Garden, the Masons of Baguio helped regreen the Buyog watershed with 100 saplings, and 30 Quezon Hill National High School personnel add 75 seedlings at the Botanical Garden. All planting activities done with the theme, “Only one Earth,” are in line with the city’s program on regreening and reforestation efforts, to help curb climate change and rejuvenate the environment. – Julie G. Fianza