May 25, 2024

ATOK, Benguet – Let’s harvest hope, one drop a time.

In the midst of the ongoing El Niño phenomenon and increasing vegetable imports from ASEAN countries, Haight’s Farm, a pioneer in modern highland farming techniques, is taking a proactive approach to address the challenges faced by local farmers.

In collaboration with technology entrepreneurs and sustainability experts, the farm is launching the Fog Catcher and Water Harvesting Project, an innovative solution to support the local crop agriculture industry.

The project presents a unique approach in innovation engineering, with “Lego-like” building process of Fog Catcher and user-centric construction feature within a five-hour team activity, while providing verifiable decarbonization data for carbon neutrality projects.

It is also seen to enhance corporate social responsibility initiatives and the environment, social, and governance reporting for private sector companies.

By partnering with the private sector, the project aims to foster sustainable farming communities  and  support  grassroots  solutions  to  social  and  environmental  issues.

Miguel Mercado, the project lead of an Agtech Startup, is spearheading a campaign to involve private sector companies in strategic partnerships for the Fog Catcher and Water Harvesting Project.

“The recognition of time-sensitive updated policy-seeking agenda that safeguard the welfare of local farmers and farm workers over enterprise level traders and importers should be the top and local priority to save our local food and agriculture industry,” said Edward Haight, president of Haight’s Farm Trading and chief advisor to an Agtech Startup.

“The Fog Catcher and Water Harvesting Project offers a glimmer of hope for the Philippine crop agriculture industry, and we invite corporate human resource executives and leaders to accelerate solutions to challenges of our food supply chain,” he added.

The project also serves as a platform for community engagement, bringing together business leaders and executives from various industries to support grassroots solutions to pressing issues.

To learn         more       how        to            get           involved                in             the          project, visit and download the full program details. – Press release