May 24, 2024

1. The commentator of a sequestered government station should check his code of ethics for his failed attempt to steal the clients of another broadcast station.

2. A pseudo human rights and pro-poor advocate is obvious to be siding with China for criticizing Malacañang’s hardline tactic on the West Philippine Sea.

3.  The once abandoned road opening project is now one of the most appreciated high-impact projects in Benguet and the public gave credit to whom it is due.

4. Internal political play is not ruining the selection of new head in one of the higher learning institutions even if one of the applicants is suited for the job.

5. Some projects under the supervision of a City Hall office is not given preferential attention if no revenues are drawn, such as the series of trade fairs.

6.  An agency is doing internal investigation to determine if some personnel are liable for the continued abuse of one of the most crucial reservations in CAR.

7. One of the cultural artifacts intended for a political leader was received and not being misappropriately used by someone who received it on behalf of the former.

8. A private firm earlier linked to paid surveys is back again with its raket trying to condition the public on who are the leading candidates for elective positions.

9. Some of the exposés of a supposed anti-graft advocate are backed by pieces of evidence except that there are allegations of blackmailing against politicians.

10. Some of those linked to an investment scam quickly deleted their social media accounts and one of them realized he might have no moral ascendency to sermon.