April 16, 2024

If there is one thing I have learned dealing with the world and myself in all the eight decades that I have walked the face of the Earth, it is that women know how to live life better than us, men.
It’s been an eternity since the devil, in the guise of a serpent, coiled around an apple tree, was able to inveigle Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, and letting Adam have a bite, promising the couple a better Paradise than the one they shared, with the world itself as bonus, and Eve’s daughters are still at it, even with the no snake hissing behind their napes.

For a time, the women shelved plans to take over the world, letting the men run it while plotting their next move, secure in their belief that the men would only do poorly and fail miserably in the end.
For starters, let’s go over events currently taking place here and abroad.
Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, in an interview with the famed Oprah Winfrey, practically accused the Royal family of being racist.
Before Meghan, Buckingham has always had internal problems that have the world wondering that Royalty isn’t that great after all.

As I recall, Imelda Marcos, envied by many but hated as well, who lives in a fantasy world and enjoying it, at one time, had foolishly hoped that daughter Imee would marry Prince Charles.
I would have loved to see that happen, how Imee would deal with a “philandering” husband who has never gotten over his first and only love Camilla Bowles.
Think of Imee in the TV Netflix series “The Crown” in a catfight with Camilla after slapping silly Charles in the face, emerging from the fracas unscathed, given her warrior Ilocano and Waray blood.

Even the Queen herself had to rein in her husband Prince Philip, who not only had an eye for pretty women, but also wanted to share power with the Queen of England.
Imelda could have taught Philip a few tricks.
Elizabeth also had her hands full dealing with a daughter who flirted from a polo player autocrat to a photographer, with two or three more in between.
But let’s confine ourselves to the three outsiders involved in the Royal family – Diana, Kate, and Meghan.

While an ignored Diana had her own little flings, not for the moment did she forget her role as a mother, a single mother taking care of two boys whose father was never around for them.
Dearly loved by William and Harry and admired by the whole world, Buckingham Palace discreetly kept mum, even if the heir apparent to the English throne was being portrayed as a villain.

And Ducchess Kate wanted Prince William as her own, Diana was always getting into the picture even in death, so Kate did the next best thing – be a loving wife and more loving mother, living a subdued and quiet life, but always fashionably and socially correct.
No way therefore that Meghan would compete with the two. Making use of good old feminine wile, she convinced Harry that they should move elsewhere and hence titles and all the trappings of Royalty means nothing to her.
Now if one is married to a colored woman, people, peasant or of the autocracy, will curiously wonder about the pigmentation of the baby.
But because the Royal family said it out loud, Meghan accused them of being racists. Sige kayo!
I’ll bet Meghan is savoring her new found fame, taking on the Royals and gaining the upper hand.

In 2024, Kamilla Harris, Biden too tired and too old to seek reelection, will be the Democratic presidential nominee.
And with no one else around, Donald Trump will again be the GOP or Republican Party standard bearer.
Whoever wins, many states will secede from Federal government and strike out on their own, followed eventually by a Civil War, and the winner will neither be North or South, or white or black, but yellow and Russian.
Take a bow, Putin and Xi.
So, I will say it again, the women will set the world afire, or put it back together as a whole.
By the way, pitting Sara Duterte against Leni Robredo will only make the irrelevant Leni relevant.
Look at the women in the Senate, all aching to become president.
Look at all the other women, getting ready to boot out the men.
I know the women do better jobs in a lot of things, but leading the country?
We refuse to give them a chance to prove themselves that would be the end of all other genders.