September 30, 2023

The House of Representatives approved a bill amending Republic Act 10868 or the “Centenarians Act of 2016” to grant monetary benefits to Filipinos who reach 80 years old and above.

Lawmakers unanimously passed House Bill 7535 in substitution of 24 house bills including HB 1959 authored by Rep. Ompong Ordanes, chair of the House Senior Citizens Committee, and HB 992 or “An act granting additional benefits to Filipino centenarians, recognizing octogenarians and nonagenarians, and appropriating funds therefor, amending for the purpose Republic Act 10868” authored by Baguio City Rep. Mark Go.

The bill seeks to expand the current centenarian law to cover benefits for octagenarian and nonagenarian senior citizens.

It will also provide special recognition for longevity and greater honor to centenarians who reach 101 years old through a cash benefit 10 times higher than what is provided for under the law.

Once passed into law, senior citizens who turn 80, 85, 90, and 95 years old will receive a letter of felicitation from the president and a P25,000 gift.

Senior citizens who reach the age of 100 will receive P100,000, while those who turn 101 years old will be granted P1 million.

Go, one of the bill’s principal authors, lauded the approval of House Bill 7535.

“It is imperative upon the State to give our elders the care they need at each stage of life. As the country continues to strive for sustainable and inclusive growth, our vulnerable sectors must not be left behind,” he said.

Once signed, the National Commission of Senior Citizens will be in charge of the law’s implementation, with the budget to be allocated under the General Appropriations Act.

The bill is set to be transmitted to the Senate. – Press release