February 22, 2024

A hunter has voluntarily surrendered to the police after he accidentally and fatally shot his companion while hunting in Mount Nalikew in Sabangan, Mountain Province.

The suspect was identified as Apolonio Chaclag, 47, and a native of Alonogan, Natonin, Mountain Province and a resident of Sitio Tamog-o, Monamon Norte, Bauko, Mountain Province while the victim was Rizaldy Langdeo, 33, from Tue, Tadian, Mountain Province and also a resident of Monamon Norte.

The Sabangan Municipal Police Station reported a group of hunters which includes the victim and the suspect went to Mount Nalikew to hunt on April 17.

While they were chasing a deer, Chaclag with his improvised shotgun accidentally shot Langdeo that resulted in his instant death.

The remains of the victim were brought to Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital for the removal of pellets in his head before being brought to his residence for his funeral.

Chaclag voluntarily surrendered to the police with his firearm described as a homemade shotgun gauge 12.

The Sabangan MPS reminded hunters to be cautious when hunting in order not to cause accidents among themselves.

Last year, a similar incident happened in Kiangan, Ifugao when suspect Lener Tobiagon fatally shot his companion Fredie Yogyog when they were hunting a wild deer in Mount Alibut-tung.

The duo went up to the mountain to hunt. The morning of the next day, they decided to go home but along the way, they noticed a fresh set of footprints of a wild deer. They decided to split in order to hunt the animal.

After a while, the suspect noticed something moving in the bushy area. Thinking it was the deer, Tobiagon aimed his gun and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, he later learned that it was his companion whom he fatally shot. – Ofelia C. Empian