September 28, 2023

The family of Rosalie and Oscarlito Tactac from the remote town of Sta. Marcela, Apayao religiously manages to live with hard work and cooperation amid struggling with poverty.
“Our family is really poor,” Rosalie said, as she looks back on how difficult life was for her and for her family.
Rosalie, 55, and Oscarlito, 59, are parents to five children. The Tactac family lives in a kalapaw or a small hut walled with wood and roofed with galvanized iron. It has two rooms and a dining area that is enough for the family’s number. Their dire situation did not stop them from achieving what they dream of as a family.
The couple admitted that because of poverty, their first and second children, Ronie and Biverlyn, were not able to finish their studies. Reyzel, their third child had to quit school in 2014 due to lack of finances. But with determination, Reyzel is now enrolled in Business Administration. Her two younger siblings are continuing their studies.
All the children excel in their academic and extracurricular performance in school.
Meanwhile, Khylie Lizette, their grandchild, is in grade 2 and maintains a 100 percent attendance in school. According to her teachers, Khylie is performing well in school. They have recognized the importance of education in improving their lives and their future.
Oscarlito shared the family’s harmony is sometimes tested. However, the family has their own formula in managing intricate situations that besets them.
“There are times that we experienced misunderstanding because of the challenges brought about by poverty in our lives. But as one family, we learned to understand, accept, and forgive each other. If a member of the family commits mistake, we talk as a family, we try to know the cause, and we forgive each other. We do not allow failure brought by poverty because we know that we can counter the challenges as one family,” Oscarlito shared.
Rosalie added, “During mealtime, we tell stories on how things are going, and each member of the family give their thoughts on the things that beset us. I, with my husband served as mediators especially at times when there are misunderstanding among our children. Those are the things we do.”
Oscarlito and Rosalie shared that the story sessions are done to let each of the family member understand and accept their situations, and when they wake up on the next day, they have peaceful mind and heart ready to face and live the life they had.
Their love and service to their neighbors are indeed indispensable. In a way, they are helping the other disadvantaged members of the community. Both Rosalie and Oscarlito are also active in community affairs. Rosalie is a barangay health worker and is known as “Inang ng Bayan” because of her active involvement in community activities. Her husband Oscarlito, meanwhile, is a former barangay kagawad.
The Tactac family’s community service as their strong point has been recognized through their active participation in the monthly Family Development Sessions (FDS). They are often invited during the FDS to share their stories and give bits of advice on family-related problems. Other members of the community also visit Rosalie and Oscarlito at home to solicit their guidance.
A family of farmers, the Tactac family maintains a small plantation of banana, cassava, and vegetables as their source of livelihood.
“Our children are thoughtful and hardworking. We work together in the farm, and they (our children) know how to look for labor work because we learned not to fully depend on the support given by the government like the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. With that, we live happily,” Rosalie said.
With the savings obtained from the cash grant provided by the Pantawid Pamilya, the family was able to put up a small sari-sari store as an additional source of income.
The Tactac family claimed that when they accepted Yahweh in their family, things became easy and they do not need to worry every day in their lives. Their love as a family was strengthened with God.
“When we accepted God in our lives, we became one in worshipping Him. God is the center of our life. My husband was engaged in vices before, but when I committed and entrusted everything to God, he is a changed husband until now. Our love as a family was also strengthened because of Him,” Rosalie shared.
The Tactac family maintains 100 percent compliance with the conditions of the program. Rosalie attends the monthly FDS and participates in school-parent activities. The family is grateful for the Pantawid Pamilya Program because it strengthened them to become stronger, resilient, and active members of the community.
The Tactac family received the 2019 National Huwarang Pamilya award with the other regional winners during the National Pantawid Pamilya Day held in September.