June 24, 2024

Have you ever felt like you’re so small that even if you suddenly disappear, the word will still go on and nothing will change? Have you ever thought that you are just an extra piece on Earth? I think the answer is yes. We all become lost in life at some points that we tend to question our existence.
You may be struggling right now and don’t know how much more you will suffer. You may be throwing a lot of questions to life and didn’t receive any answer. You may be walking continuously and didn’t know where you’re actually heading. You may be on your lowest low right now, but let me tell you that the best is yet to come.
The world can be harsh and even though you are hurting, the world will never stop just to let you rest for a while. It will continue to revolving whether you’re having a good day or a bad one.
Despite the world continuously moving even if you wished for it to stop for a while because things are getting out of your hand, I want you to know that it’s okay to feel vulnerable because you can’t just always hide behind the tall fences you’ve built around you.
It’s okay to feel unloved because that’s when we feel the need to love ourselves for we already learned that we cannot expect anyone to return the love we’ve shared to people. We don’t have to force true love because it comes naturally.
It’s also okay to be drained and we can just fret for a while, recharge ourselves until we become full of hopes once again. It’s okay to feel weak because you are not entitled to be strong all the time.
We have individual bunch of stuff that make us melancholic, but just as what I learned from a dear friend, happiness is a choice. It’s okay to feel sad, it is not permanent so savor the emotion that you feel because that makes us human, but you got to let a little happiness inside you, fill your whole personality once again.
Be happy even if things are getting rough. Be happy even if you want to cry. Be happy so that you’ll get used to being happy. Be happy because there’s more to life than being just sad. Most of all be happy because you’re feeling sadness, pain, anger, or any other emotion because that’s a proof that you are still having a blessed life.
So, remember that even the world won’t stop for you, it doesn’t invalidate any of your feelings. It’s okay to feel your lowest lows because it is a part of the journey of reaching the highest highs. One day you’ll breathe fresher air and as you look around, you’ll realize that you’re already at the top of the mountain that you never thought you could climb. When it’s time to happen, it will happen. When you will reach that milestone, maybe faster or maybe slower than you’ve ever thought; but if it is meant for you, you will reach it no matter what.
Above all else, when you are stuck in a situation that seems impossible to surmount, when you are trapped in a room where you have to choose a door to open from lots of doors around you, and when you are lost in the wilderness of life that every step overwhelms you, let God in, He will help you, guide you and protect you.