April 16, 2024

Business establishments and barangays in the city need to undergo intensive information dissemination, inspection, and monitoring in relation to Ordinance 8, s. 2020, which prohibits the sale of baby wipes and baby products with harmful ingredients.

A sangguniang panglungsod status report has shown the ordinance was not strictly implemented and complied with.

Ordinance 8-2020 provides that baby wipes and other baby products containing iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC), methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) methylsothiazolinone (MIT) and parabens, should not be on the market. These chemicals are suggested to affect birth outcomes; cause skin sensitivities and allergies, hormonal disturbance; harm fertility and reproductive organs, and may increase the risk of cancer.

In coordination with punong barangays, Public Order and Safety Division Officer-In-Charge Daryll Kim Longid, establishment and stall owners at the market, Baguio City Police Office, and Food and Drug Administration Regional Supervisor Saturnina Pandosen, recommendations were considered.  

Among them is the creation of a task force composed of offices from the local government, with the city mayor as chair, city health services officer as vice chair and members from the Health Education and Promotions Office, Public Information Office, City Legal Office, Permits and Licensing Division, City Treasurer, City Environment and Parks Management Office, POSD, City Administrator, Market Superintendent, BCPO and other members identified by the chair or vice-chair, to implement their duties as to the provisions of the ordinance 

The use of citation tickets for violators or owners of establishments selling the aforementioned prohibited baby products was also noted.

Provisions for the inspection, re-inspection of establishments, orientation seminars and trainings for enforcers of the ordinance is in the status report.

City Environment and Parks Management Office head Rhenan Diwas also submitted proposed amendments and additional provisions on the proper disposal of wet wipes with harmful ingredients, needed certification of acceptable non-harmful wet wipes, procedures on the issuance of citation tickets, and funding requirements for activities.

A public consultation should be conducted with all stakeholders concerned for inputs, suggestions and recommendation to be considered, for the possible amendment of the ordinance, the report also stated. – Julie G. Fianza