May 25, 2024

The city council urged the City Health Services Office (CHSO), through the barangay health workers, to distribute the immune-boosting medicines to individuals with comorbidity or with existing health problems, especially the indigents, unemployed, and senior citizens who cannot support their medication.
In a resolution authored by Councilor Mylen Victoria Yaranon, the council recommended the allocation of available amount from the city’s general fund for the purchase and distribution of these medicines.
Barangay health workers were requested to come up with a master list of persons considered as high risk for Covid-19 for monitoring purposes.
“These high risk sectors shall be closely monitored and assisted by the CHSO in boosting their immune system by providing them free vitamins, advising them to take in more citrus fruits and drinks, and other helpful food substances,” the resolution read.
The resolution cited the data from the CHSO which revealed as of Feb. 14, as high as 94.37 percent of all the persons infected with the Covid-19 have recovered and 1.95 percent of those infected succumbed to the infection.
“The causes of death were actually mostly due to their pre-existing illnesses or comorbidities and not really directly due to Covid-19,” Yaranon said.
She said the city government must expand its health and social services to advance public health for the marginalized and disadvantaged sectors.
The resolution was forwarded to the City Mayor’s Office. – Jordan G. Habbiling