February 23, 2024

Junk shops operating at Irisan barangay are scheduled to transfer to the Dairy Farm station by March 15.
Asst. City Engr. Constancio Imson said they are completing the site preparation so that the seven junk stores could move in on said date.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong ordered the transfer to clear the Irisan controlled dump facility area preparatory to its conversion into an ecological park.
While still at Irisan, the junkshops were ordered to see to the upkeep of their businesses by maintaining cleanliness, orderliness, and safety to avoid being locked up.
Earlier, they were issued show cause notices why they should not be closed following complaints lodged by teachers and parents of students in a nearby school, barangay officials, and health workers over the unsanitary and unsafe condition of said junkshops but were later allowed to continue their operation after complying with the order.
The mayor said they expect the owners to keep to their side of the deal of keeping their operations neat and within the bounds of the law.
The owners were earlier briefed on their planned transfer to the Dairy Farm station and toured to the site.
All of them approved of the plan. – Aileen P. Refuerzo