February 22, 2024

The City Veterinary and Agriculture Office (CVAO) is pushing for the put up of makeshift dog traps in the city’s barangays to help in the campaign against stray dogs.
City Veterinarian Brigit Piok also recommended that the barangays pass their respective ordinances governing the put up of dog traps and the imposition of fines against pet owners whose dogs will be caught.
She said the CVAO initially gave 20 barangays materials for the installation of dog traps and encouraged other barangays to work out their own using wood and galvanized iron sheets.
Piok said the presence of dog traps in some barangays, particularly Middle Quirino Hill and some puroks in Irisan, helped in reducing the number stray dogs.
Based on initial agreements with some of the barangays that were able to put up dog traps, the officials will look for the owners of the stray animals and advise them to redeem their pets within 24 hours.
If the trapped animals are not redeemed by the owners, barangay officials will then coordinate with the CVAO for the personnel to bring the animals to the dog pound at the Slaughterhouse Compound.
Piok said stray animals that are brought to the dog pound will only be accommodated for seven days. If they are not retrieved after one week, the dogs will either be subjected to euthanasia or adoption.
She said two teams from the CVAO could catch s0 to 15 dogs daily. The dog pound could accommodate 100 dogs.
Piok also called on interested adopters of dogs to visit the dog pound and familiarize themselves with the animal that they want to adopt and to assess whether or not the dogs want them.
 Interested adopters should also present to the CVAO a certification from the barangay where they reside indicating, among other things, that they are qualified to adopt dogs and that their residences are conducive for pets. – PIO release