July 25, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The province of Kalinga will be celebrating its silver founding anniversary on Feb. 14 and to mark its significance, organizers have set the play of a thousand gongs with a thousand banga dancers.
Gov. Ferdinand B. Tubban said the event will be dubbed “Awong chi gangsa, agtun chi banga” or “Call of the gongs, carrying the pot.”
Performers will come from all municipalities of the province symbolizing the unity and solidarity of the Kalinga people.
The Awong chi gangsa was first performed during the province’s founding anniversary in 2014. This time, a thousand banga dancers are joining to make the event more exuberant.  
Adding pageantry and fun to the celebration are the ethnic street dance competition, Ms. Kalinga pageant, Kalinga treasures fair, Pasil slow food, concert, and other festivities.
Side by side with the Kalinga 25th anniversary celebration is the 4th Bodong Festival that recognizes and promotes the bodong or peace pact among tribes.
One highlight of the celebration is the actual bodong rites between two tribes to establish their pact of peace.
The three-day festivity will conclude in the evening of Feb. 14 with the Valentine fellowship and concert, capped by fireworks display at the Capitol grounds. – Larry Lopez