February 25, 2024

Another case of lost but found tourist was recorded in Barlig, Mountain Province when a 70-year-old male French was found after he went missing for eight days.
French tourist Jacques Francioly was found Jan. 22 by local tour guide Shadrack Cablog resting in a ravine at Sitio Sikling, Barangay Latang. He was found weak and in need of medical attention.
Authorities went to the area to help transport the tourist to the Barlig District Hospital. He was later referred to Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital for further medical attention.
According to the Barlig Municipal Police Station, Edelwina Manonggit of Halfway Inn reported to the police station on Jan. 22 about Francioly not showing up at the inn.   
Manonggit said Francioly, who went out on Jan. 14 after checking in a day earlier, told one of the innkeepers that he will be touring the area and will be back to pay his bills and meals.
They checked his room when he did not come back as advised and found his personal belongings were still inside his room.
Further investigation revealed that Francioly earlier talked to one of the local tour guides, who offered his help. The tourist refused and said he will not be hiking the trails, as he will be going to the nearby town of Natonin.  
A search and rescue operation was conducted on Jan. 22, where the team scoured Mt. Paranchuy towards three possible locations: the route going to Pula, Banaue, Ifugao; and sitios Ammiw and Sicling of Barangay Latang, Mountain Province.
Francioly was found at 3 p.m. of the same day. He was transported to the hospital by 8 p.m. as rescuers needed to walk through the forest trails back to the main village. 
In 2017, the Barlig local government, together with various agencies, also rescued Korean Choi Sung Kyu when he went missing for 11 days. 
The tourist planned to go solo hiking to Batad, Ifugao via Barangay Latang in Barlig, which is a jump-off point going to Barangay Batad.  
The police found that Choi did not go through the barangay hall to sign in the tourist logbook, so no assistance was given to him.
Lt. Morris Nay-osan, officer-in-charge of Barlig MPS, reminded tourists to always coordinate with the local government unit when planning to go through the municipality as they needed local guides in trekking the area.
“This is to remind all tourists visiting Barlig to please adhere strictly to rules and policies as it is for your safety,” Nay-osan said. – Ofelia C. Empian