September 30, 2023
Bagnet is a crispy version of lechon kawali or crispy pork liempo.
Guyabano juice is freshly osterized with a dried slice of lemon as garnish.
Biryani rice as a carbohydrate option with the meal is flavorful.
Complimentary dinner rolls at Kesiya Bistro with butter as you wait for the meal.
Cedar plank salmon has grilled fillets of salmon set on a wood plate with potato wedges, buttered vegetables and charred lemon.
Take-home callos is braised ox tripe in tomato sauce, grilled pimiento, chorizo de bilbao, mushrooms, and chick peas.
Cocido is slow-cooked white beans with beef short ribs, chorizo de bilbao, and vegetables.
Croquetas de bacalao is a tasty fried roll of mashed potatoes with bacalao flakes inside and fresh watercress as vegetable accent and spike.

Kesiya Bistro, is a new place in town where you can try Spanish and Filipino-inspired dishes, as it also has surprising dishes prepared and presented in their own homey way.

The complimentary basket of dinner rolls is evidence to their home baked breads and pastries. These were soft and warm; the butter was also evidence of good quality ingredients.

Salads are also surprises at Kesiya Bistro. The Kesiya salad is a colorful bowl of green and red lettuce called “Lollo Rossa” in strawberry-balsamic vinaigrette, topped with cashew bits, dried strawberry chips, and parmesan cheese. This slightly bitter combination of fresh lettuce is balanced by the sweet and tangy combination of balsamic vinegar and dried strawberries. The nutty addition of cashews makes this a pleasant palate cleaner and starter for a meal.

Crab Louie must also be tested with fresh iceberg lettuce, crab meat, grilled shrimps, boiled egg, and Thousand Island dressing. This salad is already a balanced meal for dieters. Real crab meat is used, and the shrimps and egg make a flavorsome mouthful with the crunchy iceberg lettuce and sweet and creamy Thousand Island dressing.  The two types of greens will please diverse tastebuds.

Appetizers like croquetas de bacalao have bits of the dried fish in mashed potatoes rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried for a crunchy outer cover. This is good with a bottle of beer or glass of wine while listening to the weekend acoustic band on the third floor. Dipped in mayonnaise, this is a good replacement for French fries.

The main course for sharing, cedar plank salmon has two grilled fillets of salmon set on a wood plate glazed with sweet, charred lemon sauce. Buttered vegetables and fried potato wedges accompany this dish that could be shared by four as a part of the meal or for two people can be filling. The hearty taste of the fish with the caramelized lemon glaze topped with green onions should delight fish lovers with a new zing. Buttered bite sized beans, carrots, and broccoli give the meal the minerals for the balanced diet and the potatoes the carbohydrates.

Callos with the braised tender ox tripe in the gelatinous sauce made with tomatoes, grilled pimientos, chorizo de bilbao, mushrooms, and chickpeas is truly Spanish in its presentation. This is a protein rich dish usually eaten with steamed rice or slices of French bread or ciabatta. The ox tripe that melts in your mouth with the blend of tomato sauce, mildly spicy pimientos, mushrooms, garbanzos, and the Spanish sausage have a truly unique taste. This has no equivalent in the Filipino cuisine.

Cocido is for the bean lovers. Slow cooked white beans are almost the consistency of thick paste with the tender beef ribs that give the meaty flavor of the soup. Separately boiled cabbage, French beans, and carrots are added to this protein base to complete it. Chorizo de bilbao added to the dish give an additional charm to the mixed flavors and textures.

Bagnet here is the Kesiya version. Akin to lechon kawali, the pork liempo is fried until the skin is crunchy and the meat still juicy on the inside.  This is accompanied by a vinegar dip or the sweet lechon sauce made with pork liver.

Biryani rice was in the menu as a carbohydrate option. This is deliciously cooked with a flavor on its own. It was perfect with the salmon and the bagnet.

The fresh fruit juices are garnished with dried lemon slices. The orange and the guyabano juices are natural and sweet. The best editions to go with all the dishes made from local veggies and imported spices and condiments.

To complete the meal with coffee, the coffee maker is state-of-the-art and produces the best black coffee and macchiato.

Enjoy this new bistro located along South Drive with delightful editions of home cooked food with locally sourced vegetables and imported ingredients.This cuisine is served for small group meetings or social functions.

– Nonnette C. Bennett