June 20, 2024

Former ONE world title challenger Danny “The King” Kingad of Team Lakay looks back on a tough year filled with uncertainty. 
Like everyone else in the country, Kingad retreated indoors at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic back in early March. The experience is one that has challenged him as a martial artist and as a human being, Kingad said.
Team Lakay has since returned to action but suffered a string of heartbreaking setbacks in recent months.
Although he wasn’t able to return to action, Kingad has been hit hard by the ramifications of Covid-19, and the effect it has had on his career.
Kingad was scheduled to face former ONE world champion Kairat Akhmetov in early December, when he was pulled from the card after he had been exposed to a Team Lakay cornerman who had tested positive for the virus.
This sidelined Kingad since his January victory over Xie Wei.
“The King,” however, said he learned valuable lessons over the past 12 months that will help him in his career.
“The biggest lesson I learned this year had to do with time management. Suddenly, we had all this free time on our hands, and there was definitely an adjustment period. Before, we would spend entire days training at the gym. Now, we’re spending more time at home, which has its advantages and disadvantages,” Kingad said.
“I’m looking to earn another long-awaited shot at the ONE world title. I think I’m ready. I’m one big win away from getting to the top,” Kingad added.
The much-awaited championship bout between Johnson and Moraes was set on Feb. 24. – Harley F. Palangchao