May 29, 2024

ONEYTO’Y ECHOM, KANAYON eh Market! (Literal: “Good for others, often is their shopping!”), says one in a conversation informal.
OWEN NETE! KRISMAS mowaen ji ayshi pay eh pilak! (Lit: “Yes, indeed! It’s Christmas time again yet I have no money still!”), joins another one.
ARA! SI-KAK NGAY, ayshi’y pila-pilak ko! (Lit: “EXPR! [but as] for me, I got no money at all]!” says the third one.
THIS THIRD ONE’S Expression is the most commonly used and heard this Christmas season.
THE WHOLE IMPORT of said expression, carries with it: not only the denotation(s) of “no(ne) at all” but even the time-and-place elements of ‘now’ and ‘anyplace’. So, when understood in full, it could be read: “For me, I got no cash (or equivalent), now with me, nor in any place safe!”
[“IMAGINE THAT!” CONFIDES the listening observer by himself, as he smiles, then whispers: Krismas mowaen ji ayshi kuno’y pila-pilak to! (“It’s again Christmas, and [says he] he’s got no money at all!”). Then, he stops those thoughts with a finishing: “there must be something wrong or funny about how the Expression (EXPR) was said. “At all”?
ANG ANGSAN KUNON..! too overly said, too much!” Then, he sobers himself up and looks afar: “the person is just a bit (or more than) exaggerating.. yes, he is.. I settle.” So, for you and I:
TO RID OF the ‘Exaggeration’ of no money at all, the Ang angsan comment, and the like, be content and prim with saying: Krismas mowaen ji ayshi’y pilak! (Lit. “Christmas time again yet no money”)!
[ONE COUSIN, MANONG Greggy Afids, the surprise joker he is, will at once answer you (if asked): “money? There is [or I have] a lot of money but I haven’t had it yet withdrawn..” then will proceed to his task or direction giving you no time to decrypt: ‘oh, really?’]. Next, application of the EXPR Krismas mowaen..
KRISMAS MOWAEN JI agkita pay angasawa! (Lit. “It’s Christmas time again and we haven’t got married yet!”).
YES, NOT ONLY money, ready cash, and financial sufficiency are the ones linked with Christmas time; even marriage itself.
AT LEAST, IN ‘these Heights’ (ditoy kabanbantayan), getting married Christmas time is more joyous, well-attended, happier(?), etcetera. Some reasons being:
IT IS VACATION time – from other cares and concerns, for the newlyweds-to-be; no work for most expected attendees – family circles, friends and relatives; the Christmas Season months (or ‘-ber months’) coincide with almost-excellent weather conditions: not much rain, cool temperature, conducive environment of nature; even festive moods and auras of neighbours and co-citizens, ahhh! And final, for today’s application of the EXPR Krismas mowaen..
KRISMAS MOWAEN JI sajai kito ni ulay! (Lit: “It’s Christmas time again and we’re still [in] what we have always been!”).
THIS NOW IMPLIES, that aside from things aforesaid of ourselves and our surroundings immediate, what have really: developed, progressed, ‘changed’, etc., since last Christmas time up to this time?
DO WE KNOW, see, observe (as ‘in-progress’), – things like these? Yes(!), No(!)?
AH, BUT IT’S Christmas time, and it is now also time to ‘wish’, crave, expect, etc., for the sought change, innovation, improvement we’ve been at.. since last, or last, last Christmas time! Let’s start pursuing our long time clamours! From where, for instance? Or, about what? Let’s demo or instancify:
ABOUT A ‘NEW’ Congressional District – from/thru the Office of the (present) lone district Congressman; or, about a ‘new’ municipality (which one: Dalupirip-Tinongdan, or Binga-Ambuklao?), from or thru the Benguet Provincial helms and then Congress itself; or, about the Payment of Damage claims – from appertaining companies or entities; or, even only (kahit na): about the clearings (national) of our sidewalks, streets, and roads.
EXCEPT THE LAST-mentioned, the other ‘clamours’ have been since many Christmas times ago; so we aptly apply the EXPR, Krismas mowaen ji..
FOR THE LAST-mentioned, we may use: Krismas mala eh.. (Lit. “It’s Christmas time almost, and yet..”). But
IF SOONER, THE sidewalk/street clearings shall be in-full-swing in ‘these Heights’ of ours, we can adopt and opt to say the Cordillerized EXPR: Meri-meri Krismas yahh!