March 2, 2024

WE HAVE TALKED about leaders before – how they are born, reared, trained; even ‘influenced’, made (or ‘self-made’), elected (or ‘selected’), and so forth – in the international, national, and ‘local’ scenarios.
AT EACH OPPORTUNITY, we also touched on the manifestations of these in the regional (Philippine) as well as in the ‘village’ scenarios; mostly, for special purposes, like: clarity, appreciation, reflection, and simplified analyses.
TODAY, LET US look at their followers; or, electors; or, grantors (actually) of the powers that they may wield – sooner, later, or much, much later, i.e. after the grant or ‘granting’ (a term more friendly to the Filipino expression of: ang pagpaluklok sa kani kanilang tungkuling ginagampanan sa ngayon.) Yes, we must not forget that ‘granting, electing, or choosing’ individuals – or groups of them, are the sources or origin of the leader’s mights, powers, and authority.. he/she now enjoys discharging.
BUT SOMETIMES, PEOPLE and individuals are at quandary: how has this or that leader able to muster, attract, gather, collect, etc., our individual votes – or voices of support.. to sum up for his/her victory – in the analogy of a ‘grant’ bequeathed him – bequeathals synonymous to powers, control and might – unlimited or otherwise?
TWO GUESSES IMMEDIATELY come to the Fore: ‘Charisma’ and ‘Luck’. Let’s say he is purely ‘winsome’ of the masses; and/or/also by chance, he won – he is ‘selected’.. say from or amongst rivals wanting: of the electorates’ whims and whatnot, and of simple ‘winnability’?
BUT THOSE ARE not the only reasons why leaders get chosen. So, aside from good, old, Luck and Charisma, could you also emerge the victor – to later claim-by-right those powers accorded to a leader – or a chosen one?
SOMETHING ‘UNIQUE’ WE may say in ‘these Heights’, ditoy Kabanbantayan is: what about ‘Latent Unity (or Uniformity?) of thinking’ Let LUOT. This is to say that individuals – or groups or families of them, do not: say nor brag nor publicize, about it, i.e. the L U O T, but when deciding – or voting time comes, they express what they’ve been having in their thoughts – in their hearts and mind and lo! And, behold: a leader among them is ‘made’, is chosen, is re-elected. Let’s give you one illustrative, factual example:
SOME TWO DECADES or so ago, young professional/degree-holder ABC (True initials) ran for Mayor in one Agno River Basin town. His rival was an ex-Army man, a World War II veteran, and even a former mayor.
DURING THE CAMPAIGN period, one of Candidate ABC’s kin, who was married in one ‘rival-tending’ Barangay endeavoured to speak on behalf of kin ABC. (He spoke in Nabaloi but let’s translate):
“MY WIFE IS your daughter and our children, including myself, are of this Community. I beseech you.. share some votes to ABC; lesser or not, we shall appreciate it.” The old men and women were listening.. and some, smiling too [the story continues. Then, the Elder – obviously their headman, stood up and said]:
‘YOUR WORDS ARE not offending.. son. Just look at your audience. In fact, your words are pleasant and nicely-put. [p-a-u-s-e]
‘BUT GO AND talk to the younger ones. If they’ll share some for Candidate ABC, there’ll be no problem. But
‘FOR US, THE older ones, rival candidate D.I.’s name and person remain deep there in our hearts and we can’t change that!” Ayuh, kasi kasin!