June 14, 2024

The just completed streetlighting system project of the city that replaced the traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) with light-emitting diode fixtures will benefit the city by reducing its electric consumption cost and providing better illumination capability.
City Engineer Edgar Victorio Olpindo in his report to the management committee on March 29 said no less than the Benguet Electric Cooperative had acknowledged that the new fixtures will cut down the city’s energy consumption.
He said a comprehensive report on the actual savings realized by the city government will be presented soon.
Apart from energy efficiency, the LED technology also provides high brightness and intensity among other advantages.
A photo comparison presented by the CEO during the ManCom meeting showed the stark difference in the city’s lighting condition before and after the completion of the project.
The long overdue project was prioritized by the city to finally put in place cost saving and energy efficient LED fixtures in its street lighting system.
The project which covered 7,485 streetlights was funded under the supplemental budget and was completed last March 25, earlier than the target date of April 18.
The project started with the replacement of existing HPS streetlighting fixtures with LED fixtures along major roads in the central business district using the P18.7 million that was previously allotted for the said purpose.
Olpindo said the project, which is part of the overall initiative of the city to effectively and efficiently address the numerous complaints from barangay officials on many busted streetlighting fixtures, will be continued possibly next year this time to target light posts along alleys in the different barangays. 
He said a total of 1,846 posts had been listed as requested by the different barangays and the number is expected to increase as the department continues its inventory in the remaining barangays. – Aileen P. Refuerzo