June 24, 2024

I am not an Ibaloy, but I was born and raised in Baguio.
My family has settled in Baguio before I was born in 1965. I have Ibaloy friends and I know some people who are the direct descendants of the original inhabitants of Baguio City to include the Cariños.
I am also somewhat knowledgeable about their history, and I know their great grandfather and the chieftain of Kafagway, Mateo Carino, who owned vast tracts of land in Baguio such as Camp John Hay and Burnham Park.
I am also have some knowledge about the Ibaloy Heritage Garden.
I am just wondering why it took so long for the city government to complete the improvement of the IbaloyHeritage Garden.
Information has it that around P78 million has been allocated for the said project through the effort of a senator.
But information also has it that the project plan keeps on being revised and that the original concept of being an authentic Ibaloy garden will not be retained.
There’s more. Why did the bidding for the project fail? The public need to be enlightened too.
As one city official said, it would a waste of opportunity if the fund is reverted to the national coffers.
Why not consider awarding the contract to those who worked hard for the release of fund?
Concerned offices and officials must also ensure that the project design or plan must truly represent the real Baguio history especially in relation to the original settlers such as the great old man Cariño who once owned Burnham Park and its environs.
Let the injustice and discrimination against the Ibaloys be corrected in this project and other future plans for the Ibaloy Heritage Garden. — NAME WITHHELD, Baguio City