July 17, 2024

1. A political kingmaker from the north has proven his critics in Baguio that he remains to have influence over the appointments of government executives.

2. The supposed political surveys created in the social media are meant to create curiosity but not credible as many of those who react are not registered voters.

3. A favored event organizer and her close allies now realize their padrino is being ignored by Malacañang in terms of endorsing people for juicy positions.

4.  Unlike his predecessor who has roamed around the region to know the plights of the people, this new Palace adviser is good at attending formal ceremonies.

5.  The long-time campaign for regional autonomy seemed to have slowed down when this is the best time to pursue it since the President is from the highland.

6.  The Interpol is closely monitoring the case of Mayor Alice Guo for possible mass infiltration of Chinese assets, not necessarily in Philippine politics.

7. Had these officials and their personnel read documents, they would have been aware about the Kennon Road project and they could take a proactive stance.

8. The Civil Service Commission must step in and investigate if this City Hall office could not do anything about the frequent drinking sprees in one of the offices.

9. The finger of blame is being pointed to a former ranking leader as the brains behind the POGO operation and possible infiltration of assets in the country.

10. More than a thousand owners of third parties at Camp John Hay economic zone are worried about losing their investments due to the recent Supreme Court decision.