July 23, 2024

Dear Manang,
I have a friend who has a lump in her liver. She refuses to get an MRI and said she has no money for it. I talked to our group of friends and asked what could be done for her. It snowballed and we had the amount ready from pledges made. We were shocked to find out that she blocked all of us from her Facebook and left the chat groups of friends. We found out that she said we were gossiping about her. She got hurt. How can we tell her that it was for the MRI? We have half the mind to leave her alone.
Olens of Philex Mines, Tuba, Benguet

Dear Olens,
Pride is a stupid thing and it must be discovered what it is she doesn’t like. There is a need to know what she wants. There’s another angle that maybe she wants to die alone. These are the questions that need answers. But I am of the thinking that privacy is a right too. Send healing prayers and messages through channels to let her know everyone has her in their thoughts. She might reach out.
Prayers are needed,

Dear Manang,
I am so depressed about my life. I feel like I’m a failure at 40 because I don’t have a stable job and I have nothing to share with my family from accomplishments of the past. I feel so useless and unimportant. I am almost convinced that I don’t deserve a place on Earth. Does this pass? How long must I be like this?
Hansel ofGreenwater, Baguio City

Dear Hansel,
What you have is called mid-life crisis. There’s a time in our lives when we feel like we have not enjoyed our lives and there’s nothing that has been accomplished. It is fleeting until we get appreciated for something we contributed to the world. But don’t worry, it will come to pass. A good remedy is finding a new hobby. It might just be a need for change. Learn to play an instrument or learn origami. Just do something you can feel good about.
Dye your hair,