December 5, 2023

The sound of the mallet striking the gavel resonates inside the courtroom as the judge stands and announces his decision. Family, friends, sons, and daughters wait nervously and anxiously for the outcome. The moment is an occasion that represents justice, an idea that those who are accused falsely will have their fate and hope restored and that they may be treated with respect and fairness.
People who have experienced persecution and unfairness in their lives for God knows how long have been powerless throughout their suffering and the worst feeling of being shoved on the ground. Knowing that the fire was beneath their feet, their agony lingers to the very part of their minds and souls. The bitter truth that they have witnessed of others going through punishments beyond their imagination gave shivers down their spines. These individuals’ struggle to gain the basic amenities devastated their morale in life. They have suffered for long but now, a silver lining has shown upon them, their hopeful spirits that thirst for justice is about to be quenched.
Our justice system has become more inclusive, giving everyone the right to seek the truth and the judgment they deserve. Liberty is more than just being free. It encourages the soul to sing happily, reminding us that everyone should be treated with regard. Liberty is a valuable and crucial guarantee to our society, and it is not just a matter of words.
It is said that it was never the feat of any oppressed to win the battle against the oppressor. Deeply rooted corruption is the main reason why society is in chaos. The act consumes the very core values of society, which results in havoc.
It was never an easy task to obtain the much-wanted unbiased judgment, especially in a society clouded by prejudice and tyranny. It takes tons of courage and spirit to counterflow that judicial system that carries out the self-esteem of those who have been persecuted.
These issues that have been crippling our society for years must be addressed. Let us wholeheartedly advocate for society’s tranquility. Let us charge forward with courage and not be petrified by the difficulties that we may meet along the way. Stand tall, and don’t be afraid of the questions that they will throw at you.
Justice should be objective. It should not be tainted with personal feelings nor favor those who are on the pedestal. Freedom is for everyone. It is the liberty to do what is needed to do in accordance with the norms and laws of society. Having these two will put our society into equilibrium and a sense of choice in our lives. We must continue fighting against injustice to bring forth freedom. Remember to kill your enemies with kindness and not with wickedness. We all deserve to live a decent life. We all deserve to have joy in our hearts. We all deserve to enjoy what this world will offer.
The truth will always prevail. It may take twists and turns but the innocents will come forward to claim the rightful verdict they deserve. Leo Tolstoy’s “God sees the truth but Waits” is an epitome that everything has the right timing. God sees our every tear, listens to our every prayer, and is never quiet about our pain. He is everywhere and He will deliver.