May 27, 2024

Tightening La Trinidad, Benguet’s massive information and education advocacy in waste disposal, the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (Menro) intensified its communication campaigns through up-to-date and catchy slogans.
Advocacy materials are posted in designated garbage collection points and sidewalks within the barangays to tighten LT’s waste management system.
The move is part of Menro’s information, education, and communication campaign that added innovative and updated communication tag-lines in traditional media forms. Familiar hashtags are seen during garbage disposal as #bewasteponsible and #ourenvironmentourresponsibility.
Menro-LT Designate Arthur Pedro underscored the continued advocacy of the municipal government for sustainable environment by emphasizing the important role of citizens in solid waste management.
“The advocacy is continuous, that is why we install these posters to continually remind everyone to always segregate waste,” said Pedro.
Advocacy materials include the garbage collection schedule, do’s and don’ts, and penalty reminders.
The Menro also conducts trainings and distributes extension publications such as leaflets that are monitored and regularly updated.
“We also have Menro’s Facebook account for posting the office’s updates, events, and activities for audience to see to be informed and aware,” Pedro said.
Since the enactment of the Municipal Ordinance 53-98 or the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management in February 2017, Menro had observed changes in the waste disposal in the locality.
Pedro said residents are compliant and disciplined in the solid waste management efforts of the municipality.
“Our constituents are segregating their wastes and putting it in the designated collection points,” he said.
He added since the municipality is adjacent to Baguio City and other LGUs, when they come to visit and decide to live in the community, they will be informed and be aware of La Trinidad’s policies on waste management such as its garbage collection schedule.
Menro also recognized Bantay Basura advocates for their help in realizing the town’s solid waste management goals.
Bantay Basura advocates are composed community volunteers who guard the garbage collection points.
“They are the ones safeguarding our collection points with a pen and a notepad to record the names of residents who segregated and not, which is also the basis of offenses and penalties. Before, wastes collected on designated collection points are mixed wastes. Their role is helpful to our environment and the status of our landfills,” Pedro said. – Streisand B. Cruz